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Which herbs should be careful about dosing?

Hong Hua - Carthami Flos
Yan Hu Suo - Corydalis Rhizoma
E Zhu - Curcumae Rhizoma
San Leng - Sparganii Rhizoma


What is Dui Yao?

Paired Medicine
two herbs commonly used together


What are the Dui Yaos in Invigorate Blood?

Ru Xiang + Mo Yao = invigorate channels and stop pain
Ru Xiang: superior in Invigorating Channels
Mo Yao: superior in Stopping Pain
E Zhu + San Leng =
E Zhu: breaks Qi while strongly moving blood
San Leng: breaks Blood while strongly moving qi
Wu Ling Zi + Pu Huang =
Wu Ling Zi: stops bleeding/DISPELS BLOOD STASIS
Pu Huang: STOPS BLEEDING/dispels blood stasis
(Shi Xiao San. doesn't address constitutional problem.)
Tao Ren + Hong Hua
Tao Ren: DISPELS BLOOD STASIS/invigorates blood
Hong Hua dispels blood stasis/INVIGORATES BLOOD
(tao ren chunky hammer that breaks the stasis and hong hua is the whispy broom that sweeps it away)


What are some basic misunderstandings with Huai Niu Xi?

·even though it is in Invigorate Herbs, it is really an auxillary herb for this
·main Fx is Tonify LV & KD, strengthen sinew and bone
·its usefulness in sports medicine is for the RECOVERY stage, not the initial stage with inflammation


What are the comparrisons b/w Huai Niu Xi and Chuan Niu Xi?

·both herbs are bitter and neutral
·Huai Niu Xi is additionally SOUR
·Chuan Niu Xi is additionally SWEET
·Chuan Niu Xi is stronger
·Chuan Niu Xi and Huai Niu Xi can be used to gether in equal doeses to expel wind damp bi joint pain:
chuan niu xi: expel wind damp
huai niu xi: strengthen joints


What modern biomedical indication of Dan Shen was mentioned in class?

recent use for managing cholesterol.

Fu Fang Dan Shen Pian used for lowering cholesterol


Is Dan Shen a very strong Blood Invigorating herb?

no it is relatively mild but commonly used.

good for formulas that tonify blood to keep it moving as well as nourish it


What is Ji Xue Teng known for?

it is a blood mover that also tonifies.
Invigorates the channels and relaxes the sinews for pain caused by blood def or blood stasis or windstroke or trauma. safe to use on elderly becuase of tonify aspct, so used for damp Bi as well


What is Yan Hu Suo known for?

moving blood and alleviating menstrual pain
Yan Hu Suo Zhi Tong Pian (bai zhi 10%, YHS 90%)

also used externally for trauma pain


What precautions should be taken when using Yan Hu Suo?

very strong substance
overuse can induce uterine bleeding and cause fainting
patient should be strong
duration of use should be short
dose 3-9g


Yu Jin can be used for mania. Which function makes it good for this?

Clears the heart and opens orifices
-specifically clears hot phlegm from misting the orifices


What herbs in Invigorate Blood can be used to Regulate the Menses?

Ji Xue Teng - promotes the movement of and invigorates blood
Yi Mu Cao - invigorates the blood and dispels blood stasis


Which herbs (not just in this category) can regulate the menses? is this the same as inducing the menses? Which herbs induce the menses?

Regulate Menses List:
·dang gui (moves and invigorates blood)
·xiang fu (moves qi)
·ji xue teng (moves and invigorates blood)
·Yu Mu Cao (invigorates blood and dispels stasis)

different than Unblocking the Menses list:
Ze Lan
Hong Hua
Chuan Niu Zi
Wang Bu Liu Xing


Can we liberally dose Yi Mu Cao?

yes - up to 30 g
normal dose is 9-15g


What clinical presentations can Yi Mu Cao be used in other than blood stasis pathologies?

Yi Mu Cao is regularly used in regulating the menses (due to blood stasis) and is very effective in Breast Abscesses (due to blood stasis).

Can also drain heat through urine - so can be used for UTI - however other herbs work better for this. If there is blood stasis and UTI, Yi Mu Cao is a good choice.


Why should we use caution when using Ze Lan to treat edema?

too large a dose can induce menses


Why should we not use Tao Ren for acute Yang Ming heat induced constipation?

Tao Ren is helpful for constipation but will not treat the underllying cause. Treats Branch not Root.


What is the mechanism in Tao Ren for moistening the intestine?

Tao Ren is a seed and has an oily property


At what dose does Hong Hua:
Unblok the Menses?
Invigorate Blood?
Invigorate the Channels?
Break Blood?

unblock menses & invigorate blood: 6-12g
vigorate the channesl: 3g
break blood: >12g


What precautions should be exercised when prescribing E zhu and San Leng Dui Yao?

very heavy hitters in the blood stasis category. Can break blood and qi. Can cause fainting and uterine bleeding.


What common indication are the Dui Yao of San Leng and E Zhu used for?

externally for sports medicine
internally for GYN stasis


Should Dui Yao combo, San Leng and E Zhu be used for food stagnation?

Not the fist choice for food stagnation. Would have to be extremely bad food stagnation


Of San Leng and E Zhu, which breaks Blood and which breaks Qi? How do they work together?

San Leng: breaks Blood
E Zhu: breaks Qi
they work together by invigorating blood to move qi and breaking up blood stasis to promote movement of qi


Ru Xiang and Mo Yao are commonly used externally for what indication? Why is it true that they are often used in die da formulas?

traumatic pain
They are extremely good at alleviating pain.
Ru Xiang is superior at invigorating the channels.
Mo Yao is superior at alleviating pain
they should be used at low dosages and should not be used w deficient patients


What role can Ru Xiang and Mo Yao play when dealing with Wind-damp Bi syndrome?

they can reduce swelling and alleviate pain


What is Dui Yao with Wu Ling Zhi? How do they function and what is the combo called?

Pu Huang - STOPS BLEEDING/disp blood stasis
Wu Ling Zhi stops bleeding/DISP BLOOD STASIS
Dui Yao called: SUDDEN SMILE POWDER aka Shi Xiao San
won't address the constitutional issue, just stasis and bleeding


Wang Bu Liu Xing is commonly used to treat what in nursing mothers?

mastitis, blocked ducts, promotes lactaion


Can Wang Bu Liu Xing be used to treat lower jiao blood stasis pathologies?

can promote the menses
can promote urination


Chuan Shan Jia has what legal status? What role does it play in tumor treatment?

Endangered species.
Need to know about its properties etc so proper subsitutions can be made to old formulas.