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Which Tonify Yang herbs can strengthen tendons and bones?

·Ba Ji Tian "dispels wind-dampness and strengthens sinews and bones"
·Du Zhong "tonifies the LV and KD and stregnthens sinews and bones"
·Xu Duan "tonifies the LV and KD and stregnthens sinews and bones"
·Gu Sui Bu "tonifies the KD and Stregnthens the bones" "promotes the mending of sinews and bones"
·Gou Ji "tonifies the LV and KD and stregnthens sinews and bones"
·Suo Yang (class notes)
·Yin Yang Huo (class notes but is used less bc it is very warming and drying)
·Xian Mao (class notes - used the least for this bc of its properties)


Which Tonify Yang herbs can calm the fetus? What is the corresponding mechanism?

·Tu Si Zi "calms the fetus" (tonifies Yin and Yang)
·Xu Duan "calms the fetus and stops leakage"
·Du Zhong "calms the fetus"
note: Rou Cong Rong and Lu Rong “warm the womb”
Corresponding Mechanism: tonifying KD yang, so- treating the root


Which Tonify Yang herbs can reserve urine and essence? What does reserving the urine and essence means clinically?

·Prevents dribbling of urine ·incontinence ·vaginal discharge ·Nocturnal emission

•Yi Zi Ren "warms the KD, retains the essence and secures the urine"
•Tu Si Zi "tonifes the Yang, augments the Yin, secures the Essence and the Urine"
·Gou Ji (class notes)
·Bu Gu Zhu "stabalizes the essence and reserves the urine" (not Fx, note from class)
·Xian Mao (this treats urinary incontinence, and nocturnal emissions - but not in Fx)
·Xu Duan "calms the fetus and stops leakage" (?)


Which Tonify Yang herbs have the potential to be over-drying? Who would be susceptible?

•Yin Yang Huo
•Bu Gu Zhu
•Yi Zhi Ren
•Xian Mao
•Hu Lu Ba
•Gu Sui Bu
•Gou Ji
·Suo Yang (use caution, can be suitable)
·He Tao Ren (use caution, can be suitable)
Use caution w Elderly people and any patients with Yin Deficiency


Which Tonify Yang herbs can disperse wind and expel damp cold?

•Yin Yang Huo "Expels wind-damp-cold and unblocks the flow of yang"
•Ba Ji Tian "disperses wind-dampness and strengthens sinews and bones"
•Xian Mao "expels cold and eliminates dampness"
•Gou Ji "expels wind and dampness"
•Hu Lu Ba "warms the KD, dispersed dampness and cold and alleviates pain"


Which Tonify Yang herbs can aid the kidneys to grasp the Qi?

•Ge Jie
•Bu Gu Zhi
•He Tao Ren
·Zi He Che (but used more for fertility than for asthma)


Which Tonify Yang herbs can be used to treat Spleen/Kidney deficiency diarrhea?

•Bu Gu Zhi
•Yi Zhi Ren
•Tu Si Zi


What is the other name for Yin Yang Huo?

Xian Ling Zi


What part of the Gecko should be discarded and what body parts are most important?
What are the two main indications for the use of it nowadays?

·Discard the Head and use the TAIL
·Wheezing/Asthma and Infertility/Impotence


Tu Si Zi can brighten the eyes, what other herbs have we discussed that can also improve vision?

Gou Ji Zi
Dang Gui (blurred vision)
Niu Xi (blurred vision)
Bo He
Sang Ye
Ju Hua
Tu Si Zi (nourish KD LV Yin)


Which Herbs Tonify both YIN and Yang?

·Ge Jie "assists the KD Yang, augments the Essence and Blood" ·Rou Cong Rong "assists the KD Yang, augments the Essence and Blood"
·Tu Si Zi / Suo Yang "tonifies the KD, assists the Yang
autgments the essence and blood"
·Yi Zhi Ren (don't know why?)
·Dong Chong Xia Cao "tonifies the KD Yang, Augments LU Yin"


What are some common indications for Zi He Che? How does it compare potency-wise with other Tonify Yang herbs?

·warming without being drying
·one of best herbs for Essence
·Mostly used for Infertility
·also for asthma due to KD and LU def


Why precautions should be taken when using Bie Jia and Gui Ban in a formula for a female of child-bearing age?

Bie Jia is a Blood Invigorator, so caution should be taken. Both are heavy minerals and hard to digest. not sure why else...?


What are some differences between Nan Sha Shen and Bei Sha Shen?

Bei Sha Shen is the one used commonly and will be given if just Sha Shen is on the formula.
·from the North
·used for coughs
·used for ST yin def
·generates fluids.
·sl cold
·from the South
·used mostly for coughs
·moistens the exterior (dry/itchy skin)


What role does Yin tonifying herbs play in Wind-induced pathologies? Explain the TCM mechanism.

When wind is generated internally due to lack of fluids - Yin Nourishing herbs can help generate fluids resulting in wind being extinguished.


How does Hei Zhi Ma extinguishes wind? How does it address constipation?

Hei Zhi Ma nourishes both Yin and Blood to extinguish wind. It also is the moist oily seed. So it address constipation both on a superficial "lubing" level and as a result of pathological dryness from blood deficiency by nourishing blood.


A number of Yin nourishing herbs are exploited in treating premature graying and loss of hair. What TCM mechanism can explain its therapeutics? What do you tell your patient when asked of its effectiveness toward such an affliction?

·Mo Han Lian and ·Nu Zhen Zi
both Nourish and Tonify the KD and LV Yin - this is the Fx that addresses premature greying due to KD Yin def.
It is often used with other herbs as it is not too powerful on its own.
-tell the patient that there are several reasons why a person can have pre-maturing graying/hair loss. Herbs can only do so much for a person in this case and the hair loss/graying truly has to be premature and not due to the natural cycle of aging


Er Zhi Wan can nourish yin without being cloying, what does it consist of? How does it compare with gou qi zi and shu di huang?

Er Zhi Wan is the name of the formula with only Mo Han Lian and Nu Zhen Zi.
It only address KD and LV yin, it does not augment essence or tonify blood as Gou Qi Zi or Shu Di Huang.


What is Bai He’s mechanism in calming the spirit?

Bai He "Clears HT heat & Calms the Spirit" - effective in the aftermath of Febrile disease.
Palpitations caused by insufficiency of qi and yin - by Tonifying the Qi and the Yin the body is able to produce more Qi, and thus more Blood
Vexation caused by heat harassing the HT - maybe this is clearing heart heat by tonifying qi and yin?


What are some differences between tian men dong and mai men dong?

•both moisten the LU and Nourish Yin and generate fluids
•Tian Men Dong is a Bonafide KD Tonic
•Mai Men Dong moistens the ST and Intestines and Clears the HT


Which of the Yin tonifying herbs are often used as soup-stock?

·Sha Shen
·Yu Zhu
·Bai He
·Hei Zhi Ma


What are some precautions when prescribing yin tonifying herbs?

They are sweet, cold and cloying and can be hard to digest.
Need to use precaution w people with SP def or cold diarrhea.


How can nourish yin herbs help with itchy skin?

They are moistening and generate fluids, can help when itchy skin is due to dryness.