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Do herbs in this category (stop bleeding) address the root or the branch of the condition?

Branch - They are not tonics


Which herbs can cool the blood in addition to stopping the bleeding?

Di Yu - Sanguisorbae Radix
Ce Bai Ye - Platycladi Cacumen
Huai Mi - Sophorae Flos Immaturus
Bai Mao Gen - Imperatae Rhizoma
Da Ji - Cirsii Japonici Herba seu Radix


Which herbs can also be used to generate flesh? What does "generate flesh" mean?

Generating flesh = promotes wound healing

Di Yu - Sanguisorbae Radix
Bai Ji - Bletillae Rhizoma
Da Ji - Cirsii Japonici Herba seu Radix


What is the significance of charring herbs? What happens to the temperature when charring an herb?

Charring herbs increases their holding ability.

Increases the temerature of the herb, rendering a cooling herb not as cooling


Which are the marquee herbs for lower burner damp heat?

Di Yu - Sanguisorbae Radix - marquee herb for LJ damp heat

Xian He Cao - Agrimoniae Herba - commonly used for LJ damp heat; dysentary and GYN issues - but is neutral, doesn't cool


Which herb is renowned for stopping bleeding due to Lu/St pathologies?

Bai Ji - Bletillae Rhizoma
(LU, ST, LV - restrains leakage of blood and stops bleeding)


Which herb can alleviate diarrhea and also can be used externally for vaginitis?

Xian He Cao - Agrimoniae Herba
(alleviates diarrhea and dysenteric disorders)


Which herb is COLD and can be used to treat Phlegm-Heat cough with blood?

Ce Bai Ye - Platycladi Cacumen
(slightly Cold - stops coughing, expels phlegm)


Which herb can be used for to warm the womb?

Ai Ye - Artimisiae Folium
(warms the womb and stops bleeding)


Why is it important to consider the nature of the dysfunction when treating bleeding?

To determine correct treatment: whether the patient should be refered out to western doctor or ER; whether bleeding is caused by hot reckless blood and needs a cool herb; whether the bleeding is caused by a cold pathogen and needs a warm herb


What makes Xian He Cao different from the other hemostatic herbs? Can it be used in Excess/Deficiency/Cold/Heat?

Xian He Cao is astringing and can alleviate diarrhea and other dysenteric disorders. It is neutral and can be used for patterns of Excess, Deficiency, Heat and Cold