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What is He Shou Wu’s claim to fame for the lay public? Under what clinical circumstances is it effective?

Premature Greying of Hair - from Blood Def - "blackens the hair"


He shou wu is well known for its moderate nature, detail them.

doesn't taste bad
not as cloying, not as drying
can be used long term


Detail the difference between raw and prepared forms of he shou wu. When not specified, which has the potent laxative action?

Sheng - potent laxative
Both- moisten the bowel
Sheng - treats malarial disorder and fire toxin.
Zhi - tonifies LV , KD augments essence
Sheng - neutral
Zhi - sl warm prepared


How does He Shou Wu treat wind rash?

by nourishing the blood


Why is Bai Shao an important herb in GYN?

cold = good for menstrual cramping
astringes = good for uterine bleeding, vaginal discharge
When above are caused by blood def


What dose of Bai Shao can be employed for pain?
What are possible side effects with that?

to subdue pain w bai shao: 30-40g, higher dose
could make the formula COLD, bad if internal cold or yang def


Bai Shao can curb Liver Yang and alleviate pain. List some of the conditions that were discussed in class that is relevant to this mechanism.

LV - flank, chest and abdominal pain - presentation of shingles, spasms in abdomen, headaches, migraines

LV Yang rising causing pain - astringes, so if there is dizziness, can calm this


Explain Bai Shao’s ability to treat vaginal discharge? Which combination is especially effective for abdominal cramping?

sour and astrininging preserves the yin

Bai Shao & Gan Cao (popular pair)
(also Chai Hu (will help disperse LV Qi))


What special preparation instruction would you give to a patient when prescribing E Jiao?

dissolve separately into decoction at the end of cooking after herbs are removed


What are some clinical precautions when using E Jiao?

cloying - use caution w SP def
and it tastes bad


Many herbs can tonify the blood, what is the one function that makes E Jiao stands out among herbs of its category?

this herb nourishes and STOPS BLEEDING too
only one in category


What is Gou Qi Zi’s claim to fame? How is it incorporated in everyday cooking?

Brightens the eyes - nourishes the essence to improve vision - used in deserts, teas, snacks, soups. common ingredient


Long yan rou can calm the spirit, but what mechanism? Is it indicated for any type of insomnia?

HT Blood def insomnia, overwork, over thinking - by nourishing HT blood


Sang Shen is the fruit of the mulberry tree, name other TCM herbs derived from the mulberry tree.

Sang Zhi
Sang Ye
Sang Bai Pi
(not Sang Ji Sheng - parasite mistle toe growing on mulberry)