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What is the general function of the Herbs that Regulate the Qi?

They facilitate the proper workings of the qi dynamic (aka Qi Mechanism) therby helping it work smoothly and freely as a means of eliminating qi stagnation or rebellious qi.


In General, what are the properties of Herbs that Regulate the Qi?

aromatic, warm, Acrid or Bitter


What are some general indications that Herbs that Regulat the Qi will treat?

reduce distention, smooth the flow of Qi, expand the chest, relieve constraint, stop pain, direct rebeliious qi downward to stop vomiting or calm wheezing


Which organs are most importantly involved in the Qi Dynamic and why?

LU - govern the qi; LV - governs tdedging and draining; SP - governs transformation and transportation; ST - governs receiving and taking in


What are the two prinipal types of dysfunction affecting the Qi Dynamic?

stagnation and rebellion


For most of the herbs in Regulate the Qi, long term use will result in what?

depletion of the yin


Which herbs are in Herbs that Regulate Qi?

·Chen Pi - Citri Reticulate Pericarpium
·Ju Hong - Citri Reticulate Exocarpium Rubrum
·Qing Pi - Citri Reticulate Viridi Pericarpium
·Zhi Shi - Aurantii Fructus Immaturus
·Zhi Ke - Aurantii Fructus
·Da Fu Pi - Arecae Pericarpium
·Xiang Fu - Cyperi Rhizoma
·Mu Xiang - Aucklandiae Radix
·Wu Yao - Linderae Radix
·Chen Xiang - Aquilariae Lignum Resinatum
·Tan Xiang - Santili Albi Lgnum
·Chuan Lian Zi - Toosendan Fructus


What are do Herbs that Invorgorate the Blood do? Why is this important?

Facilitate the flow in the vessels, augment its movement and reduce areas of blood stasis. When the flow of blood has been slowed, obstructed or becomes static this can lead to many types of problems


What are Sx that can indicate the use of Herbs that Invigorate Blood?

·Pain: general or localized (fixed)
·Numbness and paresthesia of the limbs
·Masses or lumps: internal or superficial
·Masses due to bleeding: including trauma induced
·Bleeding: if dark purple w clots
·Dark purple stasis spots on skin, tongue or mucous membranes


What are some associated disorders with Blood Stasis?

·uterine bleeding (abnormal)
·postpartum abdominal pain
·chest painful obstruction
·hypochondrial pain
·pain due to wind-damp painful obstruction
·abcesses and other types of sores
·abdominal pain
·traumatic pain (incld fractures)
·pain due to tumors


Blood stasis can occur for many reasons. List some of the main ones.

·externally contracted Wind-Cold or Wind-Damp
·the drying and congealing nature of Warm Pathogens
·obstruction due to Damp, Phlegm and Trauma


What are the general properties that many Herbs that Invigorate Blood share?



What are the general cautions to take when using Herbs that Invigorate Blood?

Very mobilizing in nature and should be used with caution in:
tendency to bleed; constitutionally or due to blood thinning medication


Can Herbs that Invigorate the Blood be used to treat the underlying etiology of the blood stasis?

Blood Stasis is usually a secondary pathogenic influence. Invigorate Blood herbs should be used inconjunction with herbs to treat the primary agent that led to the Stasis.


What are the four sub categories of Herbs that Invigorate Blood in ascending order of strength?

·Harmonize the Blood
·Promote the Movement of Blood
·Dispel Blood Stasis
·Break up Blood Stasis


Which herbs are in Herbs that Invigorate Blood?

·Chuan Xiong - Chuanxiong Rhizoma
·Dan Shen - Salviae Miltiorrhizae Radix
·Ji Xue Teng - Spatholobi Caulis
·Yan Hu Suo - Corydalis Rhizoma
·Ze Lan - Lycopi Herba
·Tao Ren - Persicae Semen
·Hong Hua - Carthami Flos
·E Zhu - Curcumae Rhizoma
·San Leng - Sparganii Rhizoma
·Ru Xiang - Olibanum
·Mo yao - Myrrha
·Huai Niu Xi - Achyranthis Bidentatae Radix
·Chuan Niu Xi - Cyathulae Radix
·Wu Ling Zhi -Trogopterori Faeces
·Wang Bu Liu Xing - Vaccariae Semen
·Chuan Shan Jia - Mantis Squama


Herbs that Stop Bleeding treat blood that has left its normal passageway. What are the three primary causes for this?

·can leak out when SP Qi fails to contain
·can be forced out (excessive yang causing reckless movement)
·can be forced out by Blood Stasis blocking the normal passageway


What are some types of bleeding that Herbs that Stop Bleeding can treat?

·vomiting blood
·coughing up blood
·blood in stool
·blood in urine
·heavy menstruation
·excessive uterine bleeding
·bleeding due to trauma


What are the general properties shared by herbs the Warm the Interior and Expel cold?

warm or hot
(and bitter)


Which herbs are in Herbs that Stop Bleeding?

·San Qi - Notoginseng Radix
·Pu Huang - Typhae Pollen
·Di Yu - Sanguisorbae Radix
·Huai Mi - Sophorae Flos Immaturus
·Ce Bai Ye - Platycladi Cacumen
·Bai Mao Gen - Imperatae Rhizoma
·Ai Ye - Artemisiae Argyi Folium


Do herbs that Warm the Interior and Expel Cold treat internally generated cold or exteriorly contracted cold?

they treat interior (organ level cold) the pathomechanism is not important


How do herbs the Warm the Interior and Expel Cold generally function?

to disperse and dispel interior pathogenic cold, and arose and stimulate the yang


Do herbs the Warm the Interior and Expel Cold treat the root or branch of Interior Cold?



What are the general cautions associated with using herbs that Warm the Interior and Expel Cold?

herbs are Acrid, Warm and Drying - can readily injure fluids. Should be used with caution in yin deficiency patients.

Herbs are very moving - so should be used with caution in cases of heat or blood loss and in pregnancy


Which herbs are in the category Warm the Interior & Expel Cold?

Gan Jiang - Zingiberis Rhizoma
Rou Gui - Cinnamomi Cortex
Wu Zhu Yu - Evodiae Fructus
Hua Jiao - Xanthoxyli Pericarpium
Gao Liang Jiang - Alpiniae Officarium Rhizoma
Ding Xiang - Caryophylli FLos
Xiao Hui Xiang - Foeniculi Fructus
Bi Ba - Piperis Longi Fructus
Hu Jiao - Piperis Fructus


Tonifying herbs are also called what?



What do Tonics or Tonifying Herbs do?

Strengthen or supplement an area or physiological process of the body that is weakened or insufficient.


Tonics treat patterns of deficiency of _____, _____, _____ and _____.



Should Tonifying herbs be prescribed when there are signs of an exterior disorder?

no. the herbs will tonify the pathogen, too.
They should be combined with herbs that release the exterior.


Common warning for tonification herbs is: "deficient yet unable to accept tonification herbs", what does this refer to?

a patient who regularly develops problems after taking tonics: nausea, bloating, loss of appetite or signs of fire from deficiency- dry mouth/lips, irritability, insomnia

usually due to underlying stagnation, which must be cleared before tonifying


What happens if you give tonifying herbs to a patient who is not deficient?

wide range of problems including:


What channels do herbs that Tonify Qi usually enter and why?

these are the two organs primarily responsible for the extraction of qi from food and air as well as the transportive functions of qi within the body


What characteristics do Herbs that Tonify the Qi generally share?



What are the general cautions for Herbs that Tonify the Qi??

excessive use can lead to a feeling of fullness in the chest or diaphragm.
should be combined with small amounts of herbs that move and regulate the Qi.


What are the general Sx for which Herbs that Tonify Qi would be indicated - SP and LU def?

SP Qi Def:
weakness in extremities
lack of appetite
abdominal distention/or pain
loose stool or diarrhea
edema or prolapse (because SP Qi is main component of Middle Qi which holds structures upright)

LU Qi Def:
SOB or Shallow Breathing or Dyspnea on exertion
weak voice
pallid complexion
spontaneous sweating


Which herbs are in the category Herbs that Tonify Qi?

Ren Shen - Ginseng Radix
Dang Shen - Codonopsis Radix
Bai Zhu - Atractylodis
Gan Cao - Gylcyrrhizae Radix
Tai Zi Shen - Pseudostellariea Radix
Huang Qi - Astragali Radix
Shan Yao - Dioscoreae Rhizoma
Bai Bian Dou - Lablab Semen Album
Da Zao - Jujubae Fructus
Huang Jing - Polygonati Rhizoma
Yi Tang - Maltosum


What general characteristic do Herbs that Tonify Blood generally share?



What channels do Herbs that Tonify Blood usually enter?

LV - stores blood (especially)
HT - directs blood
SP - controls blood
(these herbs do not seem to enter the Yang Channels)


What are some Sx that indicate the use of Herbs that Tonify Blood?

pallid face/lips
vertigo and/or dizziness
diminished vision
pale skin
menstrual irregularities
pale tongue/fine pulse


What is the traditional Blood Deficient "body type"

weak and thin
because blood nourishes the sinews and bones


Are Herbs that Tonify Blood effective on their own?

no - they should be combined with herbs that tonify the yin and are also commonly used together with Herbs that Tonify the Qi.


What are the general cautions for Herbs that Tonify the Blood?

because they are cloying, over use can cause indigestion.
herbs that strengthen the ST are often added.


What are the herbs in Herbs that Tonify Blood?

Shu Di Huang - Rehmanniae Radix Preparata
Dang Gui - Angelicae Sinensis Radix
(Zhi) He She Wu - Polygoni Multiflori Radix Preparata
E Jiao - Asini Corii COlla
Gou Qi Zi - Lycii Fructus
Sang Shen - Mori Fructus
Long Yan Rao - Longan Arillus


What channels do Herbs that Tonify the Yang generally enter?

KD * Primarily


What is the principle manifestion of KD Yang Deficiency?

systemic exhaustion
lack of warmth


What are some common Sx of KD Yang Def?

•withdrawl into oneself
•fear of cold
•cold extremities
•sore and weak lower back & extremities
•pale tongue
•deep, weak pulse
~ additional Sx~
·watery vaginal discharge
·daybreak diarrhea


What are the general properties of herbs that Tonify Yang?



What are the herbs in the category Herbs that Tonify the Yang?

Ge Jie - Gecko
Lu Rong - Cervi Cornu Pantotrichum
Rou Cong Rong - Cistanches Herba
Bai Ji Tian - Morindae Officinalis Radix
Yi Zhi Ren - Alpiniae Oxyphyllae Fructus
Du Zhong - Eucommiae Cortex
Gu Sui Bu - Drynariae Rhizoma
Zi He Che - Hominis Placenta
Suo Yang - Cynomorii Herba
Yin Yang Huo - Epimedii Herba
Bu Gu Zhi - Psoraleae Fructus
Xian Mao - Curculiginis Rhizoma
Xu Duan - Dipsaci Radix
Tu Su Zi - Cuscutae Semen
Hu Lu Ba - Trigonellae Semen
Dong Chong Xia Cao - Cordyceps
Gou Ji - Cibotii Rhizoma
He Tao Ren - Juglandis Semen


What are the general cautions and indications for herbs that Tonify Yang?

warm and drying-
can injure Yin and assist fire
caution in patients with Fire from Yin Def


Herbs that Tonify the Yin, in general, tonify the Yin of which organs?



In general, Herbs that Tonify the Yin share which properties?

sweet and cold
also: moistening and cloying


What are general Sx of LU yin def?

dry cough
loss of voice
dry throat
dry skin


What are general Sx of ST yin def?

lack of appetite
dry mouth
(ST yin def represented by lack of fluids in the ST and is common after febrile disease)


What are general Sx of LV yin deficiency?

(similar to LV blood def)
diminished visual acuity
dry, dull eyes
night blindness
dry nails
plus: a low grade sensation of heat


What are the general Sx of KD Yin def?

painful LB and legs
warm palms and feet
afternoon fever
diminished sexual function
dark and scanty urine
red dry tongue
thin pulse


Which herbs are in the category Tonify Yin?

Sha Shen - Glehniae seu Adenophorae Radix
Xi Yang Shen - Panacis Quinquefolii Radix
Mai Men Dong - Ophiopogonis Radix
Tian Men Dong - Asparagi Radix
Shi Hu - Dendrobii Herba
Yu Zhu - Polygonati Odorati Rhizoma
Bai He - Lilii Bulbus
Mo Han Lian - Ecliptae Herba
Nu Zhen Zi - Ligistri Lucidum Fructus
Hei Zhi Ma - Sesami Semen Nigrum
Gui Ban - Testudinis Plastrum
Bie Jia - Trionycis Carapax


What cautions should be taken when using Tonify Yin herbs?

inappropriate for patients with SP or ST def or
internal obstruction of dampness or phlegm
or abdominal distention of diarrhea


Are herbs in the category Stabilize and Bind tonics?

they treat the branch
(exceptions: Wu Wei Zi & Shan Zhu Yu)


What general properties do herbs in the Stabilize and Bind category often share?

sour and astringent


Which herbs are in the category Stabilize and Bind?

Shan Zhu Yu - Corni Fructus
Wu Wei Zi - Schisandrae Fructus
Wu Mei - Mume Fructus
He Zi - Chebulae Fructus
Rou Dou Kou - Myristicae Semen
Chun Pi - Ailanthi Cortex
Lian Zi - Nelumbinis Semen
Qian Shi - Euryales Semen
Jin Ying Zi - Rosae Laevigatae Fructus
Fu Pen Zi - Rubi Fructus
Bai Guo - Gingko Semen
Fu Xiao Mai - Tritici Fructus Levis
Hai Piao Xiao - Sepiae Endoconcha
Chi Shi Zhi - Halloysitum Rubrum


Which herbs are in the category Substances that Calm the Spirit - Anchor,, Settle and Calm the Spirit?

Long Gu - Os Draconis/Fossilia Ossis Mastodi
Mu Li - Ostreae Concha
Ci Shi - Magnetitum
Zhen Zhu - Margarita
Zi Shi Ying - Fluoritum
Hu Po - Succinum
Zhen Zhu Mu - Margarita


Which herbs are in the category Substances that Calm the Spirit - Nourish the HT and Calm the Spirit?

Suan Zao Ren - Ziziphi Spinosae Semen
Bai Zi Ren - Platycladi Semen
Yuan Zhi - Polygalae Radix
He Huan Pi - Albiziae Cortex
Ye Jiao Teng - Polygoni Multiflori Caulis


Which herbs are in the category Aromatic Herbs that Open the Orifices?

She Xiang - Moschus
Su He Xiang - Styrax
Bing Pian - Borneolum
Shi Chang Pu - Acori Tatarinowii Rhizoma
Niu Huang - Bovis Calculus


Which are the herbs in the category Substances that Extinguish Wind & Stops Tremor?

Ling Yang Jiao - Saigae Tataricae Cornu
Gou Teng - Uncariae Ramulus cum Uncis
Tian Ma - Gastrodiae Rhizoma
Ci Ji Li - Tibuli Fructus
Shi Jue Ming - Haliotidia Concha
Bai Jiang Can - Bombys Batryticatus
Quan Xie - Scorpio
Wu Gong - Scolopendra
Dai Zhe Shi - Haematitum
Di Long - Pheretima


Which are the herbs in the category Herbs that Expel Parasites?

Shi Jun Zi - Quisqualis
Bing Lang - Arecae Semen
Da Suan - Allium Bulbosum (?can't remember)


Which are the herbs in the category Substances for External Application?

Bai Fan - Alumen
Liu Huang - Sulfu
She Chuang Zi - Cnidii Fructus


What disorders and indications are Herbs that Stabilize and Bind generally used for?

•in which bodily fluids are discharged abnormally
•in which structures within the body slip from their proper positions
such as:
·urinary frequency
·excessive sweating
·vaginal discharge
·prolapse of the uterus or rectum


Herbs that calm the spirit are used for treating disturbances of the spirit -also known as consciousness. What problems can this disturbance lead to?

palpitations w anxiety
some forms of anxiety


Which channels do herbs that Nourish the Spirit generally enter?



What are the two divisions of the category Herbs that Nourish the Spirit?

•Anchor, Settle and Calm the Spirit
•Nourish the Heart and Settle the Spirit


What are some common factors behind a disturbed spirit?

fright, shock, sudden anxiety or jitteriness
overwork leading to a def of Nutritive Qi and Blood depriving the Shen and Hun of a restive abode


In General do substances the Calm the Spirit treat the root or branch of the pattern?



What is a general precaution when using Herbs that Nourish the Spirit?

In general, these are not herbs, but shells and minerals and can be very hard to digest, even in tea form.