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What is the difference between Gan Jiang and Sheng Jiang?

Gan Jiang = dried ginger
·harvested later in the season, older
·from china
·is not a diaphoresis
·warms the interior
Sheng Jiang = fresh ginger
·from Jamaica
·releases the exterior


What form of Gan Jiang is used for hemorrhaging such as uterine bleeding?

Pao Jiang
charred, but still ginger in the middle, becomes hemostatic


What cautions should be taken when prescribing herbs in this category? What are some general contraindications?

Herbs in this category are HOT and DRYING.
caution should be taken with Yin of Fluid deficient patients.
In general these herbs address only the BRANCH, so must be used with herbs that treat the underlying diagnosis.
Many of these herbs are SPICES used in cooking, so patient should be counseled about diet and intake so as not to ingest too large a does.


What is Gan Jiang's role in treating Cold Damp Obstructions?

4th Fx: Warms the Channels and Stops Bleeding
Gan Jiang can warm the COLD in the Cold-Damp-Wind Bi. It can not address any other portion of the syndrome, but can aid in alleviating pain by warming.


Rou Gui can “lead fire back to its source”, under what 2 TCM pattern discussed in class are they applicable? What should the dose be for each pattern?

·upward floating of yang - deficiency yang due to cold influences below - 3g dose
·true cold, false heat - use low end of dosage scale


Which herbs frequently accompany Rou Gui for lower jiao cold?

Zhi Mu
Huang Bai


Rou Gui disperses deep cold, name some clinical applications in which it can be used? e.g. cold abdominal pain…

this Fx refers to Blood and Qi stasis - so any presentation of that can be addressed, branch-wise, by Rou Gui.


What special preparation should be employed for Rou Gui and why?

Rou Gui has very volatile oils and should not be decocted
Usually taken as a Powder or Pill along with the decoction.
Crush before using.


Wu Zhu Yu can relieve Liver constraint. Under what clinical context was discussed in class?

for menstrual pain in the Qi level
for hernial pain
vertex headache due to LV cold accosting the ST causing turbid yin to rebel


How does Wu Zhu Yu compare with other relieve constraint herbs such as chai hu?



Many herbs in this category can stop vomiting, due to what TCM mechanism?

The vomiting that Herbs that Expel Cold and Warm the Interior address, is vomiting due to a COLD ST/SP that is constricted from the cold and will not accept food resulting in the vomiting of the food.

These herbs will disperse the cold so the ST/SP can accept food. However, they will not address the underlying problem causing the cold.


Many herbs in this category can warm the middle burner but Ding Xiang can also warm the Kidneys and aid the Yang. List a few clinical conditions that illustrate the use of this function.

vaginal discharge- cold genitals
hernial pain - cold genitals


Xiao Hui Xiang is well known for the use in Mounting Pain as well as lower jiao cold abdominal pain. List some “usual suspects” herbs that are used for Mounting Pain.

Wu Zhu Yu
Ding Xiang


List possible clinical manifestations for Sp/St Cold:

pain in the abdomen
lack of appetite
difficulty digesting food - leading to cold watery diarrhea
counterflow: hiccough, vomiting, belching