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Rosso del Bepi vintages



What is Amabile del Cerè "Bandito"?

Quintarelli's dessert wine
Harvested early, dried in baskets until botrytis sets in.
Aged in French oak for 5-6 years.
Current vintage 2003, previous vintage 1990.


What is Vigna Seré?

Dal Forno's recioto
Aged in new barrique for 36mos


Where is Dal Forno located?

Illasi, in the eastern part of the appellation, very close to Soave.


Ar Pe Pe: Wines

Arturo Pelizzatti Perego
Rosso di Montalcino
Sassella Riserva Stella Retica (2yrs v. 3)
Sassella Riserva Vigna Regina (mixed chestnut and oak)
Sassella Riserva Rocce Rosse (chestnut)
Sassella Riserva Ultimi Raggi (VT)
Grumello Riserva Rocca de Piro (2yrs v. 3)
Grumello Riserva Buon Consiglio
Inferno Riserva Fiamme Antiche (2yrs v. 3)
Il Pettirosso (blended from Sassella and Grumello, 4 years in oak, bottled as Terrazze Retiche di Sondrio IGT).


Where is Ronchi di Cialla, when was it established, and what its its hallmark?

Colli Orientali del Friuli, 1970, by Dina and Paolo Rapuzzi.
Dedicated to indigenous varieties; their monopole Cialla is the only DOC in Friuli with only native grapes allowed (Picolit, Ribolla Gialla, Verduzzo Friulano; Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso, Schioppettino).


Ronchi di Cialla: Wines

Verduzzo, Ribolla Gialla, Ciallabianco, Picolit
Cillabianco is 60% Ribolla, 30% Verduzzo, 10% Picolit
Ribolla Gialla sees 3mos in stainless, the rest see 11-12mos and fermentation in barrel.
Ribolla Nera (Schioppettino), Schioppettino, Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso, Rosso (50/50 Schioppettino/Refosco)
12-18mos in barrel for Rosso and Ribolla Nera, 14-18 for Schioppetino and Refosco


Where is Gravner based?



What innovations is Josko Gravner reponsible for?

1973: pneumatic press, stainless steel
1980's: barrique
1996: orange wine

Experimentation with skin contact began because the 1996 vintage was nearly destroyed by hail; Gravner ran trials with what little was left.


How does Gravner make his whites?

Fermented in amphorae with long maceration (with stems in good years), 6-10 punchdowns per day, then returned to amphorae for 5mos after press and aged in large oak for 6 years.
Amphorae is left with headspace during the fermentation, then topped off.
Unfined and unfiltered, sulphur at bottling for stability.


Gravner: Wines

Breg: Chard, SB, PG, Riesling. Last/current vintage 2007?
Ribolla Gialla: current vintage 2007
Rosso Gravner: Merlot and Cab Sauv, 4 years in barrel. Last vintage 2004.
Rosso Breg: Pignolo, 4 years in barrel, 6 years in bottle. Current vintage 2004.
Rujno: Produced only in best years from Merlot. 4 years barrel, 6 years bottle. Current release 1999.


Who is the man behind Miani?

Enzo Pontoni. Winery is tname for his mother's maiden name.


Radikon: Lines

Radikon: Fermentation in 3,000L slavonian oak, 4 punchdowns per day, left unfilled. 3mos of post fermentation maceration on the skins, then 5 years of aging (4 in botti, 1 in bottle).
S: 2-3 weeks on the skins, aged in barrel for one year. The entry level line.


Which wine inspired the varietal makeup of Rosazzo DOCG?

Livio Felluga Terre Alte
50% Friulano, 25% Pinot Bianco, 25% Sauvignon
First vintage 1981. Now appellated as Rosazzo.


What are the red wines of Fausto Maculan?

Fratta (Cabernet Sauvignon)
Marchesante (Merlot)


Paolo Bea: Wines

Santa Chiara: Grechetto, Malvasia, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Garganega, 400M, all stainless
Arboreus: Trebbiano Spoletino (trained high), 200M, 3wks of skin contact, two years in tank
Rosso de Veo: young Sagrantino vines, principally from Vigna Cerrete, 450M, 1 year in tank, 2 years in botti, 1 year in bottle
Vigna San Valentino (Montefalco Rosso): 70% Sangio, 15% Sagrantino, 15% Montepulciano, 3 years in stainless, 4-12mos in bottle
Vigna Pipparello (Montefalco Rosso Riserva): min 20yo vines, 60% Sangio, 25% Montepulciano, 15% Sagrantino, 40-50 day maceration, 1 year in tank, 2 years in barrel, 1 year in bottle
Vigna Pagliaro (Sagrantino dM Secco): 400M, 40-50 day maceration, 1 year in tank, 2 years in barrel, 1 year in bottle
Passito: dried 4mos, approx. 300g/L must weight, 90g/L RS, aged 4+ years in tank, 1 year in bottle. Not produced every vintage.


Who is the (essentially sole) major producer of Torgiano Rosso Riserva?

Lungarotti, producing everything "from Chardonnay to Vin Santo". They also run a wine museum in Torgiano.
Original flagship Torgiano is Rubesco.


Falesco is one of the best known producers in Lazio; what are they known for?

BDX varietal wines.
Marciliano (Umbria IGT): 70% Cab Sauv + Cab Franc
Merlot (Umbria IGT)
Montiano Trentanni (Lazio IGP): 100% Merlot


Which generation of Mastroberardinos brought the estate (and by extension, Campania) back to life?

Antonio and Walter post WWII, the 9th generation of the family (est 1750).


What is Villa di Misteri?

A satellite of Mastroberardino that plants ancient grapes around Pompei to make historical wines, founded in 1996.


What is Radici?

Mastroberardino's flagship wine. 100% Aglianico
Normale: Mirabella Eclano vineyard, 250M elevation. 24mos in barrel (225l-4700L, 20% new french), 24mos in bottle. First release 1928, rechristened Radici (roots) in 1986.
Riserva: Montemarano vineyard, 600M elevation. 30mos in barrel (225L-4700L, 25% new french), 48mos in bottle. First vintage 1986.


What is Radici Antonio?

The 2008 vintage of Radici Riserva was christened Antonio for the patriarch, who passed away in 2014, shortly before release.


What is Naturalis Historia?

A Taurasi from Mastroberardino from the Mirabella Eclano vineyard, 400M (lower than Radici).
100% aglianico, vines planted 1978.
24mos in 20% new barrique, 30mos in bottle.


What is the Mastroberardino "vintage" line?

Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo bottlings held at the winery for 48 mos before release, v. 1 month


Mastroberardino and Terradore di Paolo: relationship

Antonio and Walter Mastroberardino resuccitated the Mastroberardino estate together; in 1994, Walter split off and took the Terradora di Paolo estate (founded 1978) with him. Generally seems to be focused on ancient varieties and modern winemaking techniques (similar to Mastroberardino, actually)


What is Terredora di Paolo's top wine?

Pago dei Fusi, from the Pietradefusi vineyard, 490M. First vintage 2003.
14mos in barrique, 24mos in barrel. (NOT RISERVA)