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elephant is/is not controlled by rider

is not - without the elephant itself being engaged, nothing will happen


get ppl to change by...

tapping into finite well of emotional resources

concreteness! see/feel/change; you have to appeal to emotion rather than reason
- make ppl aware viscerally; power of concreteness
- bring threat of unacceptability to life


knowing-doing gap

when you know you have to do something but lack the emotional reaction to actually do it


destination postcard

pointing to the destination - vividly describing the ultimate change that's needed

rider needs concrete idea of destination


temporal construal

tendency to think more abstractly as one projects further out in time; we have a difficult time conceptualizing future in concrete terms

Ex. reading book now = following lines of print
reading book in 1 year = gaining knowledge
(Trope and Liberman)


scripting critical moves

outlining 2-3 key stepping stones that mark the pathway to the destination

Ex. Steve Jobs, glass screen in 6 wks


framing change

people want change, its just a matter of how it's framed to them

frame as novel and challenging


shaping the path

make concrete changes to the environment to bring about desired change

Ex. making work more rewarding - piano stairs


job orientation

work = income to support life outside of work


career orientation

work = opportunity to advance in organizational hierarchy


calling orientation

work = meaningful and fulfilling in and of itself