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What are the four F's of the Limbic System?

1. Feeding
2. Fighting
3. Fleeing
4. Fucking


What are the 7 major components of the Limbic System?

My Cat Henry Ate Fish Chicken Liver

1. Mammillary Body
2. Corpus Callosum
3. Hippocampus
4. Amygdala
5. Fornix
6. Cerebellum
7. Limbic Cortex


What does mothering behaviour do to the Amygdala?

increases receptors


What was found on Charles Whitman's brain when he was autopsied?

a walnut sized tumor against his amygdala


What is the Amygdala's main role?

coping with fear stimuli


What is Deep Brain Stimulation?

Electrodes implanted in the Subgenual Cingulate to stimulate


What does stress do to the brain?

the release of cortisol decreases the volume of the hippocampus which undermines the ability to deal with stress


What is the Frontal Cortex involved in?

1. Organizing and Planning
2. Problem Solving
3. Inhibition
4. Foresight
5. Social Propriety


What do soccer players have deficits in and why?

Memory and Planning
Because of head injury (hitting ball with head)


What is the interesting case with a railroad worker?

Phineas Gage: Personality change


What does alcohol do to frontal lobe functioning?

decreases it


In spacial/non spatial tasks people who have depression do well when _______ hemisphere is involved and people with schizophrenia do well when ________ hemisphere is involved

Depression: do well with non-spatial (left hemisphere)

Schizophrenia: do well with spatial (right hemisphere)


Name 5 models of schizophrenia

1. Cognitive
2. Neurobiology
3. Psychobiological
4. Clinical Psychiatry (Thalamic Filtering)
5. Cognitive Dysmetria


What are 6 risk factors for schizophrenia related to it being a neurodevelopmental disorder?

1. Genetics
2. Father's Age
3. Prenatal Viral Infection
4. Mother's Nutrition
5. Difficult Birth
6. Infant severe Illness


Why was Psychosis Risk Syndrome not included in the DSM-V?

Because of a high rate of false positives ranging from 50%-84%


What is the Cognitive model of schizophrenia?

1. Cognitive: A disorder of consciousness, self-awareness - impairs abstraction. Hypofrontality misattribution


What is the Neurobiological model of schizophrenia?

Neurobiology: Deficits in working memory. Mental dissociation (dissociates thoughts from emotion and action) - lose context


What is the Psychobiological of schizophrenia?

Psychobiological: Deficit in informational processing. Attentional. - too much stimulation


What is the Clinical Psychiatry model of schizophrenia?

Clinical Psychiatry (Thalamic Filtering): The Thalamus functions as a filter for information, in a normal person works like a funnel but in schizophrenia everything gets through


What is the Cognitive Dysmetria model of schizophrenia?

Cognitive Dysmetria: circuit involving the Cortico, Cerebellum and Thalamus is misconnected