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Why did Jock Young create New Left Realism

He says that left idealists got rid of the solution of removing capitalism and a socialist society

➡️ because theories became more right winged due to thatcher


What does new left realism say about the victim?

➡️ crime survey of England and Wales shows that the chance of being a victim is small
❌ surveys underestimate the risks low income groups face - as they are at the highest risk of crime; pretty crime would be seen as serious
✔️Shaw and McKay - found that low income areas are more vulnerable to crime


What does new left realism say about the offenders?

🎷 has been a growth income especially with black population in the working class
🎷 most offenders target their own social status


What is the first cause of black criminality?

1) Relative Deprivation

"Subjective feeling that you have not met your expectations"

➡️➡️ ethnic minorities feel deprived due to media and advertising
🎎 asians commit less as they have not internalised material values


What do Lea and Young say about relative deprivation?

Delinquent youths feel frustrated due to the difference between high expectations and what the actually have

= "white mans shit work" Hall, as the realist option

Rising expectations + restricted opportunities = high crime rates


What does recent work on relative deprivation tell us?

This is now more common;
1⃣ working class are more resentful of footballer wages
2⃣ middle classes resent laziness from the underclass


What response may occur to deal with collective group problems?

Subcultural- if individuals feel deprived they will develop lifestyle to cope with this problem
Lea and Young; Subculturals are not inevitable, there are lots of other responses eg Rastafarianism


What do new left realism say?

That criminologists romanticises crime; as it trys to justify crime of the oppressed working class who try to survive in an unequal capitalist society


What is the second cause of black criminality?

- marginal groups at the edge of the society
- use riots as political action, especially if they do not have an organisation to represent their interests
- young unemployed groups do not have clear goals = frustration
= economic marginalisation
And ethnic minorities have extra ; military policing


What is the reaction of formal agencies of the state

low clear up+society loss of confidence in police = reluctant to help
- blacks see policing as an army occupation
🎫 BRIXTON, swapped area for stopping and searching = riots


What do Lea and Young say about the policing problem?

Crime reports are most commonly passed through public information
1⃣ethnic minorities in inner-cities are reluctant to give information
= leeds to military policing


What are the four solutions for new left realism?

1. Decriminalise minor offences to stop bigger ones eg cannabis
2. Other punishments
3. Community based prevention
4. More public say in police polices


What does left realist say about public responses?

Agree with right realism and say formal agencies are limited; informal agencies of social control is most important


What is the multi-agency approach?

1⃣ all agencies making a conscious effort
2⃣ local authorities rebuilding disintegrated areas
3⃣ state making equal opportunities


What did Young find in his recent work?

1⃣ economic exclusion of the poor - they have access to medias consumerist message but cannot buy the materials
2⃣ working class live in a bulimic society, seeing goods being taken for granted but not personally being able to consume them
3⃣ individualism, responsible for the breakdown of community


General evaluation of the New left realism?

✔️ genuine attempt at looking at crime seriously by looking at the victims and offenders
❌ focus of street crime, Walklate - they neglect white collar and corporate crime which can be more harmful
❌focus on black criminality, new criminologists - this adds to the stereotype type
❌lack of solutions, New Right, they are stuck in a mythical crime free view