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What does Bonger say?

Capitalism is based on gre ed and exploitation = crime is inevitable
1. Poverty may mean that crime is the only way working class can survive
2. Crime may be the only way they can obtain the consumer goods

✔️explains middle and working class
❌ Left realism - to sympathetic ignores the impact of their behaviour


What does Gordon say?

Crime is a rational response to the capitalist system and is found in all social classes


What does Marxism say about ruling class hegemony & law creation

Laws exists to reflect the interests of the ruling class! = domination

Mass Media makes people accept functionalist views, that laws protect

✔️ functionalist views is an delusion, laws protect the rich


What is hegemony?

Process of values of dominating groups on the population through socialisation which their values.
everybody has the same ideas = looks like values are consensual but they were imposed


What are the example of Mass media?

1. Cover up corporate crime; costing $338billion in one year yet the FBI do not report it in their annual reports
2. The Eron Scandal; in 2000 made $101billion revenues
In 2001, only stayed financially stable due to planned accounting fraud


What does snider say?

Governments are reluctant to pass any laws that may go against any profitable companies
➡️ even though many serious acts acts committed by large companies
➡️ and the cost is three crime is a lot lower than corporate crime


Evaluation of law creation

✔️ open our eyes of how inequality is due to power & how agents of socialisation are used as tools of hegemony
❌ recession made people less torralent of the ruling class superior finances
❌ minimum wage has increased and the nature of law creation has changed


What does Marxism say about Law enforcement?

Even if laws benefit everybody enforcement of laws by police and judicial systems is still bias in favour of the ruling class


What does Chambliss, Seattle, law enforcement?

Found a web connection between organised crimes politicians, senior police officer and businessmen
Illegal activities of these were frequently ignored & police focus on street crime and criminal activities of the elitist


Who says the police is the front line of oppression?

They are given greater freedom to act against subordinate groups


What further evidence is there for Chambliss?

14,600 deaths in the UK and USA due to the breakage of health and safety regulations only a fewy prosecutions for these companies.
🎿 if they occurred on the main fines and hardly any negative publicity


What does Croall say about the softening of crime?

Seriousness of corporate crime tends to be softened by the media calling them "cons" or "rip-offs"

For example the MPs expenses were described as "MPs expenses row" by the BBC



✔️ casts doubt on validity of official stats
✔️ solution; communist society
❌ some laws benefit everyone eg traffic laws
❌ ignores individual motivation and other inequalities eg through gender/ethnicity
❌corporate crime is now more in the media eg phone hacking scandal, FIFA scandal


What does Marxism say about Crime & Control?

😁crime diverts peoples attention away from exploited nature
Hall Et Al
🎷 The government uses "fear of crime" to justify new police powers eg the right to stop & search
🎷 heavy policing of working class areas get approved by society as they have been convinced this is where criminals live


Evaluation of crime and control?

✔️ left realism also recognise military policing
❌ it is due to ethnic minorities being reluctant to give information
❌ media highlights dangerous areas, not to divert attention
❌ new right - heavy policing is needed in working class to control the underclass


How do traditional marxists say?

Capitalism is criminogenic, because ur is driven by profit above human needs
= a natural divide by wealth and poverty