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What does gilroy say?

Agencies of social control label young blacks as criminals, means that they are constantly targeted
= black males more likely to be criminals
= socially constructed crime statistics
👿 they commit crimes because of the oppression they experienced in the anti colonial struggle


What are the evaluation points for gilroy?

❌ contradictory as there is no evidence for the anti colonial struggle in the UK & second and third generations are committing crims
❌ poor often steal from the poor, found in Shaw and McKays Chicago school study


what does Cohen say about class structures in the Subcultural theory?

🎷 young subcultures come from the lowest part of society - they try to deal with class structure
🎷 the east end culture has been destroyed through redevelopment
= they have gone back to elements of the old working class lifestyle eg emphasis of community and territory


What does Hall and Jefferson say?

The punk phenomena was an attempt by the working class to deal with the middle class ➡️ powerless, fighting back through Subculturals

❌ middle class have subcultures too eg hippies
❌ punk originated within uni campuses


What does Brake say?

Youths use subcultures to gain control of their life

💃🏽 hegemony ; group is openly challenging ruling class ideology which may impose moral panics


Who talks about state crime and what are the 3 main types?

1. Crimes committed within a country on another country
2. Direct and indirect crime
3. Crime of omission/commission


Cimes committed within a country on another country

Barak ➡️ USA interfering with latin americas economy to support their multi-national corporations profit


Direct crime

Committed by the state;

Halsey and White

Found work banks put economic development over welfare


Indirect crime

Shooting of Charles de menezes by met police

Agencies of the state crime

- U.S company allowed to locate a danger chemical plant in indias residential area = 4000 deaths when gas leak occurred


Crime of omission

State failing to take necessary actions

Eg. Health and safety legislations


Crime of commission

State covering facts about illegal activities

Eg. Britian knew US planes thats stopped to refuel was full of prisoners to be dropped of in third party countries

Where torture is acceptable


What are the problems with studying the state?

➡️Green and ward
State defines what is illegal ✔️ now international human rights
Denided human rights = criminals
State still overstep these
➡️Lord Saviller - BLOODY SUNDAY
Killings were unjustifiable, yet nobody stood for trial


What did tombs and whyte say?

- government classify documents as secret and restrict access to some
- in extreme cases they arrest academics that threaten them


What do taylor, walton and young say?

: crime can be deliberate and a conscious act, political voice eg. Black power movement
: robin hood view, crimes can be used to redistribute wealth
: we are not passive, turn to crime because they are actively struggling