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What does reith and critchley say?


Early police forces come from power from the community and not the state
= consensual policing


What does the scarmans report show?


Has been a long tradition of popular support for the work of the police in Britain
❌ swamp 81 is ignored in Scarmans report in the first week a thousand young black people stopped


What does the new right say?

Support consensual policing
The control theory, police is part of the "costs" in criminal decision making
✌🏽️ police should be proactive and maintain social order = allowing informal social control to operate effectively


How useful is functional views?

Marxist - policing is part of the superstructure so just reflects the interests of the ruling class
Althusser - police is part of the repressive state apparatus
2006 terrorism act - allows police to carry weapons and wear armoured protection = goes against the consensual policing


What problems are there in contemporary policing?
Lea and Young New left realism

🌈 police solve most crimes through public information
πŸ‘§πŸΏ ethnic minorities have distrust so are reluctant to co-operate
πŸ˜• results in military policing

public should have more say in shaping police policy


What did Jock young say?

New left realism

Over-policing and underpolicing -
Over policing with street crime eg. Antisocial behaviour and drugs
Under policing of corporate crime, environmental crime


What does Chambliss say?


1. Found a web linked connection between organised crime, politicians and senior police = led the police to focus their attention on working class area
2. Police see the working class as roughnecks and the middle class as saints = Young working-class I'm more likely to see themselves arrested last middle-class youngsters have parents that are able to negotiate their way out of trouble


What does new criminologists say?

Gilroy - the police are racist = more young black men convictions
Hall et al - there was a racist conspiracy between the police, government and media
πŸ“žπŸ“žπŸ“ž used young black men as muggers which gave rise to a moral panic where Caribbeans become associated with street crime


What do functionalists believe about policing?

Police reflect the views and interests of the community


What can be argued by the 1981 riots?

They were motivated by racist use of sus laws, by the police
Subsequent to the Scarmans report it is found that the police were motivated by radical prejudice - certain officers set the tone for the rest of the police "canteen culture"


What did mcphersons report show?

The police is institutionally racist


Explain the chivalry theory?

Women best likely to be arrested because of the male leniency

Kalven et al - chivalry encourages judges to be lenient with women
Steffensmeier - judges we are reluctant to separate the child from its mother so the woman was treated leniently


What did the Ministry of Justice find?

49% of females recorded as offending received a caution in 2007 but it was 30% of males


How useful is chivalry?

βœ”οΈBuckle and Farrington - Found more males shoplifting but official city sticks suggest it is more equal this suggest women have more likely to be prosecuted
βœ”οΈ heidensohn - courts may treat females more harshly when they deviate against gender norms for example not conforming to the motherhood role


Who talks about canteen culture

Jerome skolnick


What is canteen culture

The police has a distinctive and shaped the way they perceive the world they

saw typical offended as young male and black


What does reiner say?

The basis of police subculture is the thirst action conversational suspicion isolation from the public machoness and racism


What does holdaway say about police canteen culture

Officers were initially attracted to the force because of the power and control they gain


What does smith and gray say?

Culture to culture is heavily masculine violent and racist

- training has tried to counter the culture


What does postmodernism argue?

A feature of post modern society is a loss of authority whether it be to our parents teachers or police


What is it serious and organised crime agency raise in 2010

Concern with police officers being involved with organised-crime through social networking


What is the Tomlinson inquest

A police officer is unnecessary violence against a person by which resulted in his death during G 20 demonstration

πŸ“€πŸ“€ Kennedy case found undercover police officer provokted political groups into criminal actions


How do the media influence the police

Cohen - folk devils and moral panics