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What is the new definition of crime?

"Necessary to go beyond the legal definition of crime - we should develop a wider concept based on justice and respect for peoples chosen lifestyles"


What does Lyotard say about the cause of crime?

1. Society is fragmented by social structure, grand narratives, work and families = give identity & social roles = social integration
2. It has now replaced by uncertainty and individual choice of identity
💩 people focus on themselves with little regards to others


What does lyotard think crime is?

Crime is expressing the identity of the individuals choice and is motivated by an infinite number of reasons eg. Emotions

💩 low self esteem = crime to earn respect = hate crime


What has globalisation allowed?

;: transnational corporations to switch manufacturing to low wage countries = inequality
= poor turn to crime

💩 global crime is now on the increase eg people smuggling


What does Foucault say about Surveillance?

🚗 entering into our private sectors more and more eg CCTV which monitors every sphere of life
🎣 growing control of streets and housing "gated communities"
📟 surveillance is a new form of control eg companies keeping credit rating details on peoples finances to control


What do Focault and Cohen say?

Disagree that crime is functional
- punishment reflects the interest of the ruling class
- the relationship between discipline and punishment has evolved to reflect changes in society


What does Lea say about postmodernism?

Its a repeat from the labelling theory which told us ages ago that crime is a social construction


What are cohens 3 methods of social control?

1. Specialist language
2. Classification systems
3. Time tabling people


Law is now penetrated through society which leads to ..,

Conformity being reinforced through society

Eg. Education


why are people employed?

To exert social control


How does identity and visibility affect social control?

🔌 deviant acts and non deviant acts are being blurred
⌛️ deviant people used to be stigmatised but with the increase of social control = more control & deviants and non deviants live side by side
🔦🔦🔦🔦 people are encouraged to spy on eachother


What is the feminist postmodernist view?

Male sociologists/police/judges make false claims which give them power over other
Rape is examined through males and females sexuality - in court
These portrayals reveal the inconsistencies and contradictions


Why is crime a social construction

Crime is one view of those who are in power

- denies freedom, self identity