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What does Cohen say about Mods and rockers?

National newspaper said there was riots and public breakdowns; LIE
😊 reporter did not have anyotrr newsworthy material =mods and rockers headlines

➡️created tension and polarisation between two groups
➡️ police sensitised = more arrests


What are the evaluation points for Cohen?

✔️ highlights how media can be an influential institution through labelling and deviancy amplification
❌ realists; cohens theory does not explain why mods and rockers deviant behaviour occurred
✔️ Katz - "thrill of crime" young men commit crime due to emotional response they receive - its risky
Media attention = more risk = more thrill


Explains Rave culture?


Media played a integral role in the amplification of criminal behaviour and how crime can be criminal
FOR EXAMPLE - acid house
Media welcomed, spike about how to dress and dance like a raver
Drug use = tabloids labeled its as a negative scene
= started to be policed & shutdown
Young people found it more attractive


What did the acid house lead to?

Increased pressure the government passed the criminal justice bill = no outdoor raves

✔️ shows how crime reports can create laws
❌ Mcrobbie and thornton - audiences are less gullible and more diverse
✔️ Young - media influenced cannabis law to be outruled


What do neo-marxists say?

Media amplified the rise of muggings = arrests of black males
Newspapers confirmed young blacks as folk devils and that mugging was on the increase


Wha does Hall say about Mugging?

Mugging was a scapegoat for important issues of unemployment and poverty by capitalism


What did Taylor say?

Manchester Gun Problems
➡️ headlines to suggest an increase of gun crime in mossside
➡️ nightclub Hacienda shutdown due to criminal gangs carrying guns
➡️was even compared to new york, even though new york had more murders in two days than manchester in a year
Manchester was labeled guncrester - murder rates actually fell during this time


What are the evaluation points for Neo-marxism?

✔️ highlight issues of prejudice and discrimination within institutions = changes should be made
❌ functionality - media is a window on the world looking at statistics
❌ new left realist - media leads to increase in feelings of relative deprivation


What does the media do to the criminal underclass?

Media portrayals can often reinforce particular ideologies, to shape public opinions about who the criminals are


What do media representations do?

Strengths the new right, Murrary, they often support there view

Supports Chicago school studies - crime occurs at high levels of "social disorganisation"

Marxists - makes white collar crime is taken away from public consciousness =unnoticed and unchallenged


What are news values?

Criteria that determine what is newsworthy
Editors are "gate keepers" of information


What do functionalist say about news values?

Window to the world
Media refelcts the reality of criminal activity
❌ this is a naive view - ignored that media construct stories to reflect their own views


What do realist say about news values?

New right - crime is encouraged by bad role models in the media

New left realism - ignore white collar crime and limits the coverage of corporate crime
- writers are white, middle class, well educated = stories reflect there views
For example the sharron matthews and madeline mccan stoies


What does feminists say about new values?

Media plays down women victims, unless they are white and pretty

Pornography encourage predatory attitudes = unsafe = patriarchal control


Ethnic minority news values?

Report more that are black offenders and not the fact that ethnic minorities are 2x more likely to be a victim


What is the deviancy amplification spiral?

when media escalates activities by distorting and manipulating
1⃣ identify a deviant Subcultural
2⃣ simplification - keeping stories simple so the public can understand to react with outrage
3⃣ stigmatisation of those involved
💗 stirring publics indignation about issues - they want something done
💗 authorities stamp down
🎀increased arrests & media reports