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Morton's fork

a.k.a. "false dilemma"

A choice between two equally unpleasant options.

A deliberate attempt to eliminate options that may occupy the middle ground on an issue.


False Binary

Similar to "Morton's fork"

Propaganda and argument technique where only limited options are considered, when in fact there is at least one additional alternative.

"You're either with us, or against us."

Frequently, this is the result of politicized thinking whereby a model of polar opposites is imposed to a situation automatically, in an attempt to force a desired outcome.



Offshoot of pragmatism (developed by john Dewey) which stated that the truth of an idea could only be determined by its success in the active solution to a problem.

The value of ideas is determined by their function in human experiences.



A philosophical movement stressing practical consequences in determining meaning, truth, or value.


How much is 1 millisecond?

How much is 1 microsecond?

1 millisecond = a thousandth of a second.

1 microsecond = a millionth of a second.