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Abrupt onset of a dry cough and decreased SaO2 is consistent with what kinda of disease?

viral disease


What is Theophylline used for?

It is a bronchodilator used to reverse airway obstruction.


What are signs and symptoms of Theophylline toxicity?

Irregular HR
Feeling Jittery
GI upset


What is Ventolin used for?

Ventolin is a bronchodilator used in the treatment of Asthma and/or COPD


What is Amcort used for?

Amcort is an anti-inflammatory agent used to manage bronchial asthma


What is Rinne's Test?

A test for hearing using a tuning fork, the patients mastoid process and their ear. Pt is asked when the tuning fork is louder, on mastoid process or in front of the ear.


If Bone sound Conduction (BC) is greater than Air sound Conduction (AC) what kind of deafness is the patient exhibiting.

Conductive deafness


If Air sound Conduction (AC) is greater than Bone sound Conduction (BC) what kind of deafness is the patient exhibiting.

Sensorineural Deafness


How is Webers test performed?

Hold a vibrating tuning fork on the axis of the head and ask the patient which ear they hear the noise in louder.


What structure does the Talar tilt test examine?

Calcaneofibular ligament


What structure does the Thompson test examine?

The Achilles tendon


What is the best initial pelvic floor exercises?

Stopping the flow of urine


What is most important when deciding whether or not a child could use a power wheelchair?

Is the child above 18 mo
Does the child have fine motor control or head control
Does the child have perceptual difficulties


What is a good early physical therapy intervention for a person with the early stages of Osgood-Schlatter's disease

Decrease the loading forces applied to the knees


How does discal degeneration without nerve root compression present?

Centralized gnawing pain


How does discal degeneration with nerve root compression present?

Decreased muscle strength and or radicular pain


Why does festinating gait occur?

Pt's COG is too far ahead of them causing them to increase their speed of walking to try to catch up


What orthotic device could be used to reduce festinating gait?

a toe wedge to adjust COG posteriorly


How do you train fast twitch muscle fibers?

High intensity workloads for short durations (


How do you train slow twitch muscle fibers?

Low intensity workloads for long durations


What would a patient with a L2 level issue need to ambulate and what distance would they reach?

Reciprocating gait orthosis and Lofstrand crutches ; community amb.


What are signs and symptoms of Respiratory alkalosis?

Dizziness, syncope, tingling, numbness, and early tetany


What are signs and symptoms of Respiratory acidosis?

Early: anxiety, restlessness, dyspnea, headache
Late: Confusion somnolence, coma


What are the signs and symptoms of Metabolic alkalosis?

weakness, mental dullness, possibly early tetany


What are the signs and symptoms of Metabolic acidosis?

Secondary hyperventilation (kussmaul breathing) nausea lethargy, coma


ABG Norms

pH: 7.35-7.45
SpO2: 98%-100%
PaO2: 90-100 mmHg
PaCO2: 35-45mmHg


During the cognitive stage of motor learning how should feedback be given?

Focus o knowledge of results and visual inputs. Learners benefit from seeing the whole task performed. High dependance on visual inputs.


What type of feedback is best during the associative phase of learning?

Proprioceptive cues


What deficits are present with long term AIDS diagnosis?

Neuro: alterations in memory, confusion, disorientation

Motor: ataxia, paresis, gait disturbances, loss of fine motor coordination.


When receiving a referral from a physician what needs to be communicated?

PT exam, treatment plan, and management. This is very important when exam does match the referral diagnosis.