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What is the purpose of a lumbar Laminectomy

This is a procedure where the lamina of a vertebrae are removed to relieve pressure on the spinal cord or nerves.


What patient population receives lumbar laminectomy's most often ?

Spinal stenosis patients


Which phase of gait is associated with Plantar flexion to 20 degrees

pre swing


When in the gait cycle does maximal dorsiflexion occur

terminal stance


How much plantar flexion is associated with loading respone

10 degrees


How much dorsiflexion occurs during initial contact

0 degrees


What is the primary limitation of a maximal exercise test?

It requires patients to exercise to their max, some patients may terminate the exercise secondary to fatigue or exercise intolerance before reaching their max which decreased the sensitivity of the test.


Define Sensitivity

Sensitivity is the ability for a test to accurately diagnose a person with a disease who actually has the disease (% of true positives vs false positives)


Define Specificity

Specificity is the ability for a test to find true negatives