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What grade should a ramp be to be in accordance with ADA?

8% grade or a ratio of 1:12 (rise:run)


How tall is the standard step?

7 inches


What are the side effects of anabolic steroid use?

rapid weight gain, elevated BP, acne on the face and upper back, muscle hypertrophy, jaundice and mood swings occur with increased time


What are body marking common with steroid use?

Bruising/ needle marks, enlarged breasts in men, and in women secondary male characteristics


Describe Class I Heart Failure.

Mild HF: no limits in physical activity (up to 6.5 METS), comfortable at Rest, ordinary activity does not cause issue. Patients may have palpitations, angina or dyspnea.


Describe Class II Heart Failure.

Slight HF: Slight limitation in physical activity (up to 4.5 METS); comfortable at rest, ordinary physical activity results in fatigue, palpitations, dyspnea, and angina pain.


Describe Class III Heart Failure.

Marked HF: Marked limitations (up to 3 METS) comfortable at rest. Less than ordinary activity causes fatigue, palpitation, dyspnea and angina pain.


Describe Class IV Heart Failure.

Severe HF: Unable to carry out any physical activity (1.5 METS) with out discomfort, symptoms of ischemia, dyspnea, angina pain present at rest and increase with exercise.


What is normal fasting plasma glucose?

Less than 115 mg/dL


At what level of plamsa glucose should physical activity be contraindicated

Over 300 mg/dL


How do you initially treat whole arm paralysis in children?

Partial immobilization of the limb across the abdomen, followed by gentle ROM after immobilization.


What is the most common cause of Erb's palsy?

Traction or compression to unilateral UE


Which nerves are involved with Erbs palsy?

C5-6 (rhomboids, levator scap, serratus ant, delt, supra and infraspinatus, bicep muscles, forearm muscles, and wrist and hand muscles.


Which nerves are involved with Klumpke's paralysis

C8- T1


What is the characteristic UE position for Erbs palsy

Adduction, Internal Rotation, Elbow Extention, Porearm Pronation, Flexion of the wrist (waiters tip position)


What are early changes that signal LE lymph edema in men?

Perception of heaviness of LE('s), in ability to wear old socks and shoes


In a single subject design study A-B-A-B-A-B What does A and B represent.

A- Control group
B-Experimental Group


For a person with PVD who is training for conditioning what is a good exercise schedule for them?

5/week, BID 10 min / sesison


From what X-Ray view of the spine is the Scotty dog fracture visible?



What significant spinal defect can be seen from an oblique view of the spine

Spondylolisthesis / scotty dog fracture


What are th signs and symptoms for Cushing's syndrome?

decreased glucose tolerance
moon face
buffalo hump
emotional changes
muscular atrophy


What is Cushing's syndrome?

A metabolic disorder resulting from chronic and excessive production of cortisol by adrenal cortex usually caused by a tumor in the pituitary gland.


What is Addison's disease?

Complete or partial failure of adrenocortical function which results in decreased cortisol and aldosterone production.


Is facet joint pain constant or intermittant

Facet joint pain decreases with activity and movement, and increases with sustained positions.


What ligament does the anterior drawer test in the ankle test?

Anterior Talofibular ligament


What kinda of study has the highest level of evedence

Systematic review of Multicenter RCT's


When is resistive exercise started during cardiovascular rehab

After 4- 6 weeks of supervised cardiorespititory training. Also when exercise capacity is greater than 5 METS, with no angina symptoms or ST segment depression


What are the normal hematocrit levels?

Men: 45%-52%
Women: 37%- 48%


When working with patients who have had radiation therapy it is important to ...

observe skin care precations


Define Ideomotor apraxia

a patient cannot perform a task upon command but can perform the task on their own


Define Ideational apraxia

a patient cannot perform a task at all.


What are signs and symptoms of Ketoacidosis?

(GI) Nausea and vomiting, weakness, (Neuro)lethargy,confusion,depression of vital functions,(Cardiac) decreased HR, dysrythmias, (Skin)warm flushed skin, (Pulm) increased rate and depth of RR


What should be done if a patient experiences ketoacidosis during treatment session?

Immediate medical attention is needed, pt requires IV insulin and fluid and electrolyte replacement solutions.


What constitutes an obstructive pattern on pulmonary function tests?

increased TLC, increased RV, increased functional residual capacity, and decreased VC. Also FEV1/FVC less than or equal to 70%


What is considered High intensity work outs?

60-80% of VO2 max


What is considered moderate intensity work outs?

40-60% of VO2 max


When pt has diagnosis of DVT what should be avoided

vigorous exercise and also venous stasis


Define Response Orientation

The ability to select the correct movement in response to a stimulus


What does the navicular drop test examine?

Medial longitudinal arch collapse as well as excessive foot pronation.


How is the navicular drop test performed?

measure from the floor to the navicular tuberosity in standing while in subtalar neutral and in relaxed standing. The difference is the value.


What is an abnormal score for the navicular drop test?

Any score above 10 mm


What is contraindicated for early Complex Regional Pain syndrome?

Passive manipulation and ROM of the joint.


What are the long term and short term changes that occur with Complex Regional Pain syndrome?

Short: Dysfunction of sympathetic nervous system (increased pain, and vasomotor & circulation disturbances
Long: Muscle wasting, trophic skin changes, decreased bone density, decreased proprioception, and joint contractures.


Which UE actions are needed for successful crutch gait?

Shoulder depression and elbow extension


Where are the uncinate processes found?

On the superior and lateral edges of C3-C7. They contribute to side bending motion


What is Interrater Reliability?

The degree to which two or more independent raters can obtain the same rating for a given variable


What is Intrarater Reliability?

The degree of consistency of an examiner on repeat tests.


What are symptoms of respiratory acidosis?

Disorientation, stupor, and or coma.


Which drugs cause significant increased fall risks for elders?

Psychotherapeutic drugs such as tricyclic antidepressants aka Elavil


How long does the Primary portion Tuberculosis last?

10 days - 2 weeks after this time period the patient ca return to activities in the main gym without precautions.