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Follicular Cyst

Distention of unruptured graafian follicle. May be associated with hyperestrogenism and endometrial hyperplasia. Most common ovarian mass in young women.


Corpus luteum cyst

Hemorrhage into persisten corpus luteum. Commonly regress spontaneously.


Theca-Lutein Cyst

often Bilateral/Multpile. Due to gonadotropin stimulation. Associated with choricarcinoma and moles


Hemorrhagic cyst

Blood vessel rupture in cyst wall. Cyst grows with increased blood retention; usually self-resolves


Dermoid cyst

Mature Teratoma. Cystic growth filled with various types of tissue such as fat, hair, teeth, bits of bone, and cartilage


Endometrioid cyts

Endometriosis within ovary with cyst formation. Varies with menstrual cycle. When filled with dark, reddish brown blood it is called a chocolate cyst