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Is it a requirement to have an ACTIVITIES program?

Both 483.15/19.702
Yes, and must take into account the interest ,physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of each resident.


Who is qualified to be an ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR?

Both 483.15/19.720

Must have or Be:
1-2 Years experience in a social or Recreation program with in the last 5 years with 1 of those years in a full time patient activities program in a health setting OR
2-Occupational Therapist or Occ Ther Asst. OR
3-has completed an activity director training course


How much continuing education must an activities director have?

Texas Only- 19.702-c-
1- 8 hours a year


When MUST the facility employ a qualified Social Worker on a FULL TIME basis?

Both 483.15 / 19.703
When a facility is MORE than 120 beds (121 Beds + )


When is it ok to contract or have a part time Social Worker?

Texas Only 19.703
When a Facility has 120 beds or less (1-120 Beds)


What are the qualifications to be a Social Worker in a SNF?

Both 483.15 / 19.704
Must have at least:
1-a BS in Social Work OR BS in a Human Service Field
2-One Year of Supervised Social Work Experience in a HEALTH CARE Setting where WORKED directly with individuals.


What TEMP RANGE must be maintained by the FACILITY?

Both 483.15 / 19.705
Rage of 71-81 Degress F -- IF building was licensed or certified after 10-1-1990


If the residents form an independent group by themselves, and some residents need assistance to get to that group, is it the FACILITIES responsibility to assist them on getting there?

Texas Only 19.706
Yes, facility MUST assist for those who need assistance.


IF a Family Council is FORMED What type of RECOMMENDATIONS can the council make in regards to facility POLICY and PROCEDURE?

Texas Only 19.706
1-Operation decisions that affect the residents CARE , and QUALITY of LIFE
2-Promotional education programs and projects that promote HAPPINESS and HEALTH of RESIDENTS


IF a family council exists what must the facility do to assist?

Both 483.15 / 19.705
1-Listen to and consider the views of the council including GRIEVANCES-Texas Only
2-Provide the GROUP with a PRIVATE SPACE to meet - ONCE a Month
3-Provide a STAFF member for assistance
4-Allow Staff and outside members to be at the meetings.
5-Allow space on Bullitan Board
6-Send out Information about the formation of group- 2 a year
7-Allow access of member of group to a inspector or survey person.


If a family Council exists how offten is the facility required to let the group meet?

Texas Only 19.705
1- Once a month


If a family council exists how soon is the facility required to respond to written requests?

Texas Only - 19.705
1-5 working days