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When is it required for therapy to give services?

when it is under the written order of a physician or qualified personnel.


Rehab services are provided to MEDICAID residents with the expectation that they will?

-Texas Only-19.1304
Improve measurably with in 30 days.


Who orders the rehab services?

-Texas Only-19.1306
The attending physician


Before rehab services can begin it must be approved or "pre-certified" by?

-Texas Only-19.1306
unless the resident is being evaluated for the first time.


When is it ok to "Re-evaluate" a resident?

-Texas Only-19.1306
When the attending physician's documentation indicates a new illness or injury, OR
a substantive change in a pre-existing condition.


When must the claim for services be received by DADS?

-Texas Only-19.1306
With in 12 Months of the last day of service.