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Who is in charge of monitoring the infection control program in the facility?

-Texas Only- 19.1601-g-
The Quality Assessment and Assurance Committee

*Have s person designated to serve as cordinator*


What is the facility Infection control program responsible for?

-Both- 483.70 / 19.1601-
The Program Must:
4-Decide on WHAT procedures and corrective actions SHOULD be APPLIED (isolation)
5-Maintain a RECORD of incidents and corrective actions


IF an employee who has a communicable disease or infected skin must be prohibited to what?

-Both- 483.70 / 19.1601-
1-Contact with resident food OR
2-Contact with resident


After direct contact with a resident, an employee MUST?

-Both- 483.70 / 19.1601-
Wash their hands.


How soon must a reportable disease be reported?

-Texas Only 19.1601-b-3
Depending on the disease, immediately! To:
the city health officer, OR county health officer, OR health unit director


How often must the facility conduct a review of the facilitie's risk assessment for TB (Turberculosis)

-Texas Only- / 19.1601-d-
1-Once a year OR
2-When an employee or outside contract person (vender) has been exposed to a communicable disease.


Who must be screened for TB in a SNF in Texas?

-Texas Only- 19.1601-d-
1-All employees
2-All persons with outside resource contract
3-All residents at the time of admission (on doctors recommendations)


When must a TB screening take place?

-Texas Only- 19.1601-d-
Employee & Contracted person:
--BEFORE providing services


When is TB documentation required of the facility?

-Texas Only- 19.1601-d-
1-Any time there is an assessment or RE-assessment for risk classification
2-Vendor Screenings of TB
3-When there is a positive TB test for (employee, vendor, residents) OR is suspected of having TB.
4-Any refusal


How soon after being identified at risk for contacting blood (or potentially infectious materials) must the facility offer a Hep B vaccine?

-Texas Only- 19.1601-e-
10 days after employment , or 10 days after deciding wants the vaccine if still at risk.


What is the percentage of Alcohol in a ABHR?

Apx.PP F-441
ABHR = Alcohol Based hand Rub.
60-95 %


What are the most common types of infections in nursing homes?

Respiratory ( ex: pneumonia, bronchitis)
Skin and soft tissue (ex: Pressure Ulcers)
conjunctivitis (pink eye),
gastroenteritis (inflammation of stomach...),
influenza (flu)