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What are the two types of RESTRAINTS that facilities can USE? What is the Residents Rights when it comes to RESTRAINTS?

Both 483.13/19.601
Has the right to be free from any physical/Chemical Restraints for purpose of Discipline or Convince of the facility


If physical restraints ARE used to treat a MEDICAL CONDITION, what are the minimum requirements for monitoring and releasing?

Texas Only-19.601-a-1
1-Monitored Hourly
2-MUST be Released every TWO hours for a MINIMUM of 10 Minutes & Resident Re-positioned.
**BEST Practice Monitored 30 min.


If a Physical Restraint is used to treat a MEDICAL CONDITION, what must the restraint NOT IMPARE?

Texas Only-19.601-a-2-
1-Residents AIRWAYS.
2-BREATHING (Pressure on TORSO)
3-Ability to COMMUNICATE
4-Can not put in a PRONE or SUPINE HOLD.



Texas Only-19.601-a-3
Where a resident shows aggressive, destructive, violent, or self-injurious behavior AND:
1-Poses a RISK to self OR others
2-dose not respond to DEESCALTORY Techniques
3-could not have been ANTISIPATED
4-not in CARE PLAN


If there is an alleged VIOLATION involving mistreatment, neglect or abuse misappropriation missing persons, ect..of a resident who must be contacted? What are the time frames for reporting and investigation?

BOTH-483.13(c)(4) 19.601-c-2
1-The Administrator
2-AND DADS ( consumer rights and service)
---Phone Call ASAP ( ought not to exceed 24 hours ) -F225
---Written Letter with in 5 calendar Days after the Verbal
Note: both are now done through the website.
--5 workdays days , after the verbal reporting, to STATE AUTHORITY (DADS). -19.602


While an investigation involving mistreatment/abuse/neglect is in progress, what MUST the FACILITY do about the problem?

Texas Only- 19.601-c-4
Must Prevent any FURTHER POTENTIAL ABUSE, ---- this normally takes the policy of SUSPENDING any employee that may have been evolved, Pending an investigation.


If (TDHS) send you a letter of COMPLAINT, what will be in the letter?

Texas Only-19.604
A summary of the complaint and alleged abuse/neglect with out Identifying the INTERNAL Person who made the Complaint.


IF a Resident Dies at the Facility when is that reported? And to whom? What must be included on the form?

Texas only-19.606
1- Texas DHS
2-10 Work Days after the last day of the month
Ex: person dies in April 10th, death is reported in May no later than May 10th
3-name / ss# / date of death / name and address of facility.


Who reports a death if the Resident was Transferred to a Hospital?

Texas Only-19.606
1- IF OVER 24 hours the Hospital
1- IF 24 hours and UNDER the FACILITY


Regarding abuse and reporting. As part of the hiring process the employee must sign a statement that says:

Texas only 19.602
1-Employee may be criminally liable for failure to report abuse
2-Employee has cause against the employer if is suspended, terminated, disciplined , or discriminated against because they do report, or cooperate in an investigation.


When must local law enforcement be called?

When the resident:
1- health or safety is in imminent danger
2- had died because of conduct alleged
3- hospitalized or treated in an emergency room because of alleged conduct.
4-been a victim of any act in the "penal code"
5-suffered bodily injury because of alleged a bourse or conduct.. Ect..


What are some exams of Physical restraints?

-Hand mits
-Soft Ties
-Lap cushions
-Lap tray
-Side Rails
-Velcro to hold a bed sheet, fabric or clothing ---- anything that restricted the movement and freedom of a resident
-Frame Walkers

* depending on a case by case basis almost anything could be considered a restraint depending on how functional a resident is. Ex: putting a bed to close to a wall might be a restraint , depending on that residents ability.


What is deemed "Misappropriation of Resident Property"

Deliberate misplacement OR
Exploitation OR
Wrongful temporary OR
Permanent use
Of the residence belongings (or money) without the residents consent.


What is an "Injury of Unknown Source"?

1-The source of the injury was NOT observed by any person OR
Source of injury could not be explained by the resident.
2-An injury is suspicious because of the extent of the injury (in a place not generally associated with Trauma) OR
The number of injuries observed at a point in time OR
Number of incidences of injuries over time.