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When are comprehensive Assessments required?

Both-483.20 / 19.801-2
1-On Admission
2-Once a Year
3-When there is a SIGNIFICNAT CHANGE


What are the different types of Assessments? When are Each Due?

Both- 483.20 / 19.801-2
(Medicaid/Private pay)
-14 Days after admission
-AT least Once a YEAR (within 366 days after the ARD of the most recent comprehensive resident assessment)
-When there is a Significant Change (Timely Manor / 14 days after Should have noticed)

2-Quartely Review
-Once every Three Months (A Quarterly review assessment must be completed within 92 days of the ARD of the most recent, clinical assessment)

5 / 14 / 30 / 60 / 90 day MDS assessments due.
Care plans still due day 21- (14+7 = 21)


If a Resident is transferred to the Hospital and then later re-admitted, dose the facility need to do another Comprehensive Assessment?

Both - 483.20 / 19.801-2
No, Only if there is a SIGNIFICANT CHANGE.


What are the Tool(s) by witch a Comprehensive Assessment is done?

Both - 483.20 / 19.801-
1-RAI- Resident Assessment Instrument - Both
2-MDS - Minimum Data Set - Texas


What is the Tool that is used for Quarterly Assessments?

Both - 483.20/19.801-3
1-QRI - Quarterly Review Instrument --- ( a smaller version of the MDS/RAI)


How long must the facility store all OLD Residents Assessments for?

Both - 483.20 / 19.801-4
1- 15 months from when started the active record ( Admit Date)


What are OLD Assessments to be used for?

Both - 483.20 / 19.801-4
1-develop, review, and revise the resident's comprehensive plan of care


Under what Payment system is PASSAR?


*Boyh but remember, passar is mandated by fed. At the state level under Medicaid


In a Medicaid Facility what system must be coordinated with the RAI, and MDS assessments?

Texas/Both - 19.801-5
PASSAR- On Admission Only
(Preadmission Screening and Resident Review)

**PASSAR is mandated by Feds at and run through the state Medicaid program.


When must DATA be ENCODED ready for transmitting Data?

Both- 483.20 / 19.801-6-b
1- 7 Days after the facility completes a resident assessment.

** Encoding means ENTERING MDS information into a COMPUTER.


How many days must:
A care plan happen?
Encode MDS info?
Be ABLE to transmit encoded MDS info?
Submit MDS info?

Both F287/19.18(6)
Care plan- 7 days after assessment = day 21
Encode-7 days after assessment = day 21
Able to transmit-7 days after assessment = day 21
Fed only:
Submit data - 14 days after assessment = day 28 Texas Only:
Submit data- must submit at least once a month.


Who must conduct or coordinate the Assessments?

Both 483.20 / 19.801-8
A RN - Registered Nurse


Who must SIGN OFF on Assessments?

Both 483.20 / 19.801-9
a RN - Registered Nurse


What is the Penalty for Falsifying an ASSESSMENT?

Both 483.20 / 19.801-10-a
1- $1000 for each Assessment.
2- OR $5000 for each assessment if person that is falsifying ALSO causes another person to LIE


What might DADS do is there has been willful false statements of the MDS?

Texas Only - 19.801-11
Possible that DADS might come in and TAKE OVER MDS and Assessments.


PASSAR screens for what?

Texas Only - 19.801-13
Mental illness, & Mental Retardation ,


When is the Comprehensive Care Plan Due?

-Both 483.20 / 19.802-
1- 21st Day after Admission, or 7 Days AFTER the Comprehensive Assessment -- (14-7 = 21)

14 Assessment + 7 Care Plan = 21 Days


Who is required to be on the Comprehensive Care Plan Team?

-Both - 483.20 / 19.802-b
1-Attending Physician
2-Regestered Nurse
** Physician does not need to be "physically present"
** all other Staff that need to be a part of the meeting (depending on the residents needs)
*** With HELP from the FAMILY
*** and participation of the RESIDENT
Quality Assurance team is
MD / DON / 3 other staff


How often , and by who must a CARE PLAN be reviewed after CARE PLAN is in PLACE?

-Both - 483.20 / 19.802 -b -
2-Qualifiyed Persons


The Comprehensive Care Plan must be available to whom?

-Both - 483.20 / 19.802-g
All direct Care Staff.


What type of Goals need to be in the Comprehensive Careplan?

Measurable Goals
Have Objectives
Have time Tables
-Texas only- 19.802(a)
Short and Long Term Goals


What are the 20 Categories of the MDS?

Both 483.20 / 19.801-2-b
A-ID Information
B-Hearing, Speech, Vision
C-Cognitive Patterns -- Paid
F-Preferences for Customary Routines and Activities
G-Functional Status (ADL)--Paid
H-Bladder and Bowel--Paid
I-Active Diagnoses
J-Health Conditions
L-Oral/Dental Status
M-Skin Conditions--Paid
O-Special Treatments, Procedures and Programs
Q-Participation in Assessment and Goal Setting
V-Care Area Assessment (CAA)
X-Correction Request
Z-Assessment Administration


What must be included in the DISCHARGE SUMMARY? and when it be made available?

Both 483.20 / 19.803-
1-Re-cap of the entire stay of the facility
2-Final Summary of Resident Status--MDS CATAGORIES
3-Post Discharge Plan of Care.-- How to do things in a different AREA.

Must be made available at the time of Discharge--Texas Only 19.803


What is considered a "SIGNIFICANT CHANGE"?

Any TWO areas of INCLINE or DECLINE on the MDS is a SIGNIFICANT change OR any ONE of the following:
*Weight loss of: 5% change in 30 days or 10% change in 180 days
*Pressure Ulcer of II or higher where, where there was NO pressure soars before.
*Emergence of a NEW condition or Disease that makes resident unstable
*an Overall deterioration


What are RUGS?
1-Case mix index
2-grouping of revenue sources
3-Resident classification system
4-method of grouping income from MEDICAID and MEDICARE

3-Resident classification system


Who has the final say in on the evaluation if a resident can self administer drugs?

The interdisiplinary team

**1994 final rules