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The effectiveness of marriage counselling when both partners meet with the therapist conjointly is

Better than if only one partner is in therapy


Which of the following activities is not helpful for elementary school counsellors to use in remediation practices?

Play therapy; bibliotherapy; needs assessment; orientation programs

Orientation programs


Which of the following is not part of the diagnostic criteria for Internet addiction?

A. Preoccupation with thoughts of going online; Internet use interfering with other relationships and activities
B. Spending increasing amounts of time online, or cutting down and feeling badly about it
C. Using the Internet as your primary research tool for school work
D. Using time online to avoid other problems and lying about the amount of time spent online

C. Using the Internet as your primary research tool for school or work


Which of the following are considered appropriate tasks for elementary school counselors?

Classroom guidance; consultation; group counseling; all of the above

All of the above


The concept that the same origin may lead to different outcomes, and the same outcome may result from different origins is known as



A superficial change within the way a family behaves is known as

First-order change


A "type B" stress situation is

Neither foreseeable nor avoidable


When viewing adolescent drug addiction from the perspective of family dynamics, which of the following statements is false?

A. Whether an adolescent becomes dependent on his/her drug of choice is a matter of genetics
B. The family may be stabilized by focussing on the distraction of the adolescents addictive behaviours
C. The adolescent may have feelings of power and control, since the family is powerless to stop the addiction
D. The family scapegoats the adolescent addict, deepening destructive family patterns

A. Whether an adolescent becomes dependent on his/her drug of choice is a matter of genetics


Addictions counselling involves clients who:

A. Use alcohol and/or narcotics
B. Gamble and lose money
C. Use the Internet more than most people do
D. Engage in any of the above to the extent that it interferes with their life

D. Engage in any of the above to the extent that it interferes with their life


One action characteristic of the self-directed student is

Viewing coursework and assignments as providing a stimulus rather than an answer


Middle schoolers are sometimes referred to as



Research opportunities provide students with

Practical experience in exploring issues in the counselling profession; an understanding of the methodologies in the counselling profession; increased marketability


A ____ is where a person receives two contradictory messages at the same time and, unable to follow both, develops physical and psychological symptoms as a way to lessen tension and to escape

Double bind


Because addictions, by definition, are something out of the addicts control, which of the following will suggest that someone is addicted?

Restlessness and irritability; hi-risk behavior; frequent and intense mood swings; all of the above

All of the above


What are some of the tasks that elementary school counsellors generally perform?

Include classroom guidance where the counsellor can inform students about the opportunities available to that's cool, give them information that will be helpful and relevant to them, and address any needs or concerns the student maybe having. Also provide both individual and small-group counselling with a focus on prevention and remediation, often using needs assessments, play therapy, bibliotherapy, and games. Other tasks include helping identify the skills and abilities of students, working with unique populations of students, beginning to cultivate students awareness of careers, coordination of resources, assisting in enhancement of the school, and consulting with teachers, other professionals, and parents or guardians


List five symptoms of addiction

The addiction interferes significantly with the enjoyable and important aspects of life

The addict is unable to control, reduce, or stop the behavior, even if the behaviour has damaging effects

The addiction allows the addict to escape and avoid responsibilities

Engaging in high-risk behaviour

Causes extreme mood swings


Briefly describe the roles and tasks of the school counsellor at the middle school division

Include being sensitive towards and conscious of the physical, relational, and sex-role changes of this age group, they're growing Dave are city, their cognitive shift from concrete to more abstract reasoning and symbols, their new stereo typical role models and friendships, and they're going sense of independence and responsibility. Also provide both individual and group counselling including both prevention, which will assist them in developing skills for living and academic success and may also include peer mentoring, as well as remediation, in which the involvement of students, and their parents, teachers, and community is essential. Other tasks include the development of peer support systems, consultation with teachers and parents, student assessment, and the continual evaluation of guidance services


Identify and briefly describe the beginnings and trends of the changing forms of family life

There have been many changes, especially after World War II. After the war, there was a significant increase in the divorce rate, and more than half of marriages today may end up in divorce. Another trend after the war was the changing roles of women, who increasingly began seeking employment, and who had many more opportunities and expanded roles due to the women's rights movement at this time. Another important trend was the rising lifespan, causing couples to spend more time with one another and with their children than ever before.

Before the war, the two common types of families which are still relevant today are the nuclear family, which is comprised of a husband, wife, and their children, and the multigenerational family, which is usually comprised of at least three generations of family and sometimes other members of the extended family that are not married. After the war and due to the rising divorce rates, two more family types, the single-parent family, which is one parent who alone takes care of the family, and the remarried or blended family, which usually consists of one of the spouses having been previously married who also has children from a previous marriage. The changes and societal norms and demographics have also lead to new family forms being recognized including the dual-career family, the childless family, the ageing family, and the gay/lesbian family, and the multicultural family


Burnout is caused by:

A. And excessive workload, necessitating long hours
B. Isolation in the work setting and job duties
C. Monotonous work over which you lack a sense of control
D. All of the above

D. All of the above