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Who are the Isaurians and where (geographically) are they from?

barbaric tribe under Roman rule, Taurus Mt.s in southern Asia Minor


Explain how Zeno the Isaurian came to be a King in Rome.

Leo the Thracian was appointed by Aspar, a Roman general, to be king in his place because he couldn't because of his barbarian blood. Leo broke off from Aspar. Leo married his daughter to Zeno for 2 reasons: 1. he needed an heir (one of the reasons Aspar appointed him) and 2. to have Isaurians as army because Aspar is in control of the Roman army. Zeno and daughter have Leo 2 who dies at 10 months old and Zeno takes the throne.


Explain the conflict between Theoderic, King of the Ostrogoths and Odovacer, King of Italy.

Zeno tried to hold off Ostrogoths who are looking for land (Constantinople) but Zeno redirects them to Odavacer (who was getting power-hungry) saying if they conquered him they could claim the throne and the west


Why did Benedict want to create a monastery? How did the events of the day encourage these men to remove themselves from society? What was their goal in doing so?

God called him to lead a monastery, wanted to remove themselves from society, political turmoil and invasion, live a pious/peaceful life but really wanted to escape the world


What was the political mindset of the Byzantine empire at this point in history? What evidence shows this?

constantly being attacked so defensive mindset. Bulgars and Slavs chipping at empire. Isaurians being rebellios in city so exiled to Thracia to fight the barbarians themselves. when it was clear that they would not stop them, Anastasius ordered a wall to be built 50 miles long, called the Long Wall and it kept them out


Were the Persians a threat to the Byzantium Empire?

No they were having problems with drought, famine, and earthquakes, and fighting Hephtalites


How do the Arminians figure into this Persian/Byzantine history?

Persian empire deteriorating so they had to relinquish control and give them their independence


Who is Merovich?

king of a tribe in France, Clovis' father


who is Clovis?

1st king of all France, beginning of Merovingian dynasty


How was Clovis converted to Christianity?

Clotild (wife), might be because she tells him God will bring him blessing in war


What happened to the Frankish kingdom after Clovis died?

4 sons (3 unite to defeat one)


Why would a non-roman king adopt Roman names or traditions?

Augustine and moved capitol to Paris, France because it was Roman, did it to have Roman authority


What successes established the Merovingian dynasty?

victories over Visigoths and Ostrogoths


Who was Ambrosius Aurenlianus?

king/general that could be Arthur, Roman descent, replaces Vortigern


what significant event happened at the battle of Mount Badon?

Ambrosius Aurenlianus defeats the Saxons who had been stable for years


What was the Britton's idea of the succession of kings and kingship?

when a king died, his kingdom died as well. earned kingship through right to rule in battles (leadership, courage), Roman rule = different (hereditary kingship) when a new king is appointed, he recreates the philosophies and rules of the kingdom according to his moral.