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What countries make up Scandinavia?

Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland


Who is King Ethelred? Why is he noteworthy?

-Anglo-Saxon king who took refuge in Norway until Canute left the country
-retook throne but died when Canute came back


Who are Normans and where is Normandy? What are the Normans' northern origins?

Vikings from Scandinavia who were given Normandy, a piece of land in today's northern France


Who is Godwin, and what is his position in England politics?

an Anglo-Saxon who had lots of power in his position in one of the four earldoms in England, earl of Wessex


Who is Edward the Confessor? Who is his father? Who is his mother?

king of England and was also a silent and hateful man, father = Ethelred, mother = Emma of Normandy


Were Edward and Godwin non good terms? How were they related? What did Edward think of this relation?

-no, fought over power and authority
-Godwin = Edward's father-in-law when he marries Edith
-avoided her and never spoke to her


What did Edward do with Godwin?

exiled him when he gained the loyalties of the other two earls, reclaimed Wessex for himself and gave East Anglia (previously ruled by Godwinson) to Leofric's son


How did Godwin respond to his exile?

-arranged a fleet to go back to England from Western Francia and convinced the people to let him back in
-Edward's army would not fight their own people, so Godwin and his son were given their titles back


How did Harold Godwinson's complications at sea lead to the Norman invasion two years later?

Harold's ship wrecked on the shores of Normandy after a storm with no money, ship, or men. He asked the duke, William, but after the encounter, William wanted to invade England


After Edward the confessor dies, who do the witan choose as king of England?

Harold Godwinson


How does this choice give William the excuse that he wanted to invade England?

Whatever was said between the two men in Normandy gave William the excuse


What natural portent correlates with the dread of the Norman invasion?

Halley's comet


What is the "witan"?

a group of a few select nobleman who ruled in England and advised the king


Summarize the events of 1066 including all significant rulers.

September 8th- the soldiers dispersed from the south where they had been waiting for invaders
-Hardrada (Norwegian) and Tostig (English - Godwinson's bro) launched toward England
-William of Normandy loses patience and launches toward England but storm causes loss of ships and lives
Stamford Bridge- Vikings (H and T) vs. England (Godwinson), summon all soldiers and march asap to York where they had conquered a small piece of land, vikings = no armor, English win
Hastings- news that William has finally landed in the south, summon tired army to march 180 miles south, no negotiations, 2 days of fighting, Normans win, Godwinson dies, William the First (king of England)