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What is the classic aging pattern on IQ scores?

As we age, cognitive fxs based on neurochemical substructure of the brain begin to fail. Cognitive abilities based on crystallized processes show little change, like long term memory, vocabulary skills/language.


Guilford's Theory of Intelligence

120 elements; based on convergent (ability to group ideas to create unifying concept) & divergent thinking (new ideas)


Thurstone's theory of Intelligence

Primary Mental Abilities- individuals possess varying subcomponents of intelligence


Galton's theory of Intelligence

Inherited trait, normally distributed across population


Cattell's Theory of Intelligence

Fluid vs Crystallized Intelligence


Larry P vs. Riles Case

banned use of IQ tests in the placement of minority children in special ed classes


Horn & Cattell (1966)

distinguished between fluid & crystallized intelligence
Fluid- relatively culture free
Crys- depends on exposure to education & culture
Highly correlated, crystallized dev thru use of fluid intelligence


Curriculum based assessment

provides info about student in context of existing curriculum (measures student's performance)
Also provide feedback about the instruction itself/what changes are needed
*criterion referenced- evals student's perf in light of external standard