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what does impression management deal with

deals with how ppl present an image to others to achieve a particular goal
-the motivation for holding an attitude is to "look good" in eyes of observers.


what is the central thesis to this approach

-attitude change following dissonance is conceived of as nothing more than an attempt to manipulate one's impression in the eyes of high status experimenter adn to absolve oneself from the embarrassment of appearing inconsistent
-$1 experiment, subject fear experimenter would look down on them for lying for a paltry sum of money
-thus attitude change not persistent


how does impression management influence persuasion

when the message receiver is concerned with how will "look" to other person/observers.
-ppl desire to appear consistent, desire can be manipulated


why is being consistent met with social rewards

cuz predictability and trustworthiness generate liking and respect


what happens if you are inconsistent

meet with social punishment