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what is the purpose of the self-perception theory

-represents challenge to dissonance theory
-non-cognitive explanatory mechanism for attitudes
-motivation is to explain rather than justify behavior
-strongly influence by behaviorist perspective of Skinner


explain the self-perception theory

-when people want to know how they feel, they look to their own behavior
-an individual comes to understand his/her feelings and attitudes by inferring them from observations of his/her own behavior


what are some differences between self-perception and dissonance

-provided an explanation for the finding previously explained by dissonance theory
-different explanation about subjects who were paid $1.
-Festinger said, subjects bothered by lying, and to reduce dissonance, changed attitude toward task
-Ben argue that subject merely wanted to understand why they performed task for so little money, inferred must have liked the task (assume ppl behave first & think later)