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what are some general assumptions underlying consistency theories

-strong tendency for ppl to maintain consonance (consistency) among elements of a cognitive system
-inconsistency = discomfort, motivates the resolution of the inconsistency
-commitment activates need for consistency


what is the balance theory

-we prefer balanced states, imbalance = uncomfortable.
-imbalanced structures try to regain balance
-deal w/ perceptions of links between yourself & two other elements.


what are the two elements that the balance theory deals with

a + sign means you are PRO
a - sign means you are CON
an even number of - signs = balance


how do we determine whether a system is balanced

multiply all of the values assigned to the 3 relations
-when the product is +1, system balanced
(ie. agree w/ person lie, disagree w/ dislike)
-when the product is -1, system imbalanced
(ie. agree w/ dislike, disagree w/ like)


what are some procedures for eliminating imbalance

-reverse the sign of one of the paths
-change the sign of a path to a null relation
-differentiate the positive and negative attributes of an object or person.


how do we apply the balance theory

-make audience aware of imbalance (provide means to regain balance)
-make audience aware of balance (notion of balance should reinforce attitudes/behaviors)