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What are the effects of therapeutic massage (9)

1. Assessment
2. Invigorate the body
3. Promote relaxation
4. Promote superficial blood flow
5. Increased pain threshold
6. Can promote lymph flow to reduce edema
7. Increased tissue extensibility
8. Decreased scar tissue
9. Restore joint mobility


What can you assess when giving a therapeutic massage (8)

1, Mobility of tissue
2. Muscle tone
3. Scar tissue
4. Adhesions
5. Contractures
6. Fluid in area
7. Does tissue respond
8. Temperature


What are the indications for therapeutic massage (8)

1. Pain
2. Muscle spasm
3. Edema
4. Headache
5. Muscle soreness
6. To increase local blood flow
7. To assist with lymph drainage
8. Scar tissue adhesions


What are the contraindications for therapeutic massage (9)

1. Arterosclerosis
2. Thrombosis
3. Embolism
4. Acute phlebitis
5. Severe varicose veins
6. Cellulitis/skin infections
7. Acute inflammation
8. Cancer
9. Open wounds


What is a therapeutic massage

Relating to a treatment for a disease or disorder, something required as part of a treatment


What is a relaxation massage

Pt desires a rubdown to relax muscles or self due to overwork or tension


What are the 2 categories of physiologic effects of therapeutic massage

1. Reflexive effects
2. Mechanical effects


What are the reflexive effects of therapeutic massage (4)

1. Acts on local sensory and motor nerves as well as the CNS
2. Capable of inducing sedation
3. Attempts to exert effects through the skin and superficial connective tissues via sensory receptors
4. Pain, circulation, and metabolism


How do the reflexive effects take effect

By stimulating receptors


What are the mechanical effects of therapeutic massage (5)

1. Mechanical effects are always accompanied by reflexive effect but with an inverse relationship
2. Muscle elongation and mobilization of soft tissue adhesions
3. Increases blood flow to skeletal muscle
4. May retard muscle atrophy following injury
5. Increases skin temperature


What are the forces used to apply therapeutic massage (5)

1. Compression
2. Tension
3. Shear
4. Bending
5. Torsion


What is the resting position

Placing of open relaxed hands on the client


What is the resting position used for

Entering the clients personal space and allowing the client to get used to your touch


What are the basic massage strokes (8)

1. Gliding or effleurage
2. Kneading or petrissage
3. Compression
4. Vibration
5. Shaking
6. Rocking
7. Percussion or tapotement
8. Friction


What is the first and last stroke you will do during a massage

Effleurage or gliding


What is effleurage

A motion gliding lightly over the skin without attempting to move deeper tissues


What is the purpose of effleurage (4)

1. To accustom the patient to the touch of the therapist
2. To apply the lubricant
3. To increase skin circulation
4. To increase the rate of metabolic exchange in the periphery


What is an effleurage stroke

Unidirectional stroke towards the heart that starts light made with the heel of the hand fingers slightly bent and thumb spread and contact is always maintained


What is kneading or petrissage

Kneading of soft tissue that presses and rolls the muscle under the fingers or hands


What is the purpose of kneading or petrissage (5)

1. To increase venous and lymphatic return
2. To press metabolic waste products out of the target tissues
3. Break up adhesions between the skin and underlying tissues
4. Loosen adherent fibrous tissue
5. Increase elasticity in the skin


What is skin rolling good for

Superficial interface


What is deep rolling good for

Fascia and muscles


What is a kneading or petrissage stroke

The application of pressure by repeatedly grasping and releasing the muscle tissue in a lifting or rolling motion that goes from distal to proximal


How to you knead the muscle

Parallel or right angles to the muscle fibers


What does compression utilize to create the compression

Pushing the tissue against bone


Is compression a relaxing or invigorating stroke

Invigorating because hands come off each stroke


What is a compression stroke

Lift-press method where you disconnect from the body with each stroke stimulating muscle spindle


What part of the hands/arm can be used for a compression stroke

Point of thumb, fingers, palm/heel of hand, fist, knuckles, forearm


What angle should the compression be applied in relation to the tissue

90 degrees


What is a vibration stroke used for

Stimulating muscles