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Concerto background and origins

-developed in Baroque era

-3 mvt work for orchestra and soloist(s)

-ritornello form (Baroque) replaced with sonata form (Classical)

-sonata form adapted by Mozart into "double exposition" or "first-movement concerto" form: ritornello concept preserved

-in Classical era: piano concerto more popular than violin concerto


Concerto characteristic features

-3 mvst (fast-slow-fast)

-first mvt based on sonata form w/ double exposition

-cadenza launched from cadential 6/4 chord, improvised (or prepared) by soloist


double exposition

-modified sonata form

-often in 1st mvt of Classical concerto

-orchestral exposition introduce principal themes, establish tonic key

-solo exposition (supported by orchestra) restate first theme, initiate modulation away from tonic key; usually introduce new theme for solo instr



-solo passage in concertos and aris

-improvised by soloist or composed in improvisatory style

-virtuosity of soloist(s)