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The solo sonata was developed by _ earlier in the

Domenico Scarlatti, 18th century


Sonata background and origins

-sonata from Italian sonare (to sound)

-originally designated instrumental works as opposed to vocal works

-Baroque era: sonata referenced solo or chamber works

-Baroque keyboard sonata: single-movement, binary/rounded binary form

-Classical era: sonata cycle applied to solo sonata, multi-mvt keyboard sonata emerged


Sonata characteristic features

-3 or 4 mvts

-1st mvt typically sonata form

-2nd mvt (slow) possibly sonata/rondo/theme and var

-3rd mvt (menuet and trio) included some cases

-final mvt typically sonata/rondo/sonata-rondo form

-outer mvt: usually technical brilliance

-slow mvt: lyricism



-from Italian sonare, to sound

-instrumental genre for 1 or 2 instruments

-generally several contrasting mvts

-Classical era: at least 1 mvt was sonata form


rondo form

-formal structure

-opening section returns 2 or more times, separated by contrasting sections

-ABACA or ABACABA (or variants thereof)

-Section A at least 3 times in tonic key

-Sections B and C contrast in key and thematic material