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Reason for Gluck and Operatic Reform

-late Baroque era: opera began to favour empty musical display over dramatic integrity

-overture little to do w/ work that followed

-lengthy ballets were a distraction

-stars of the day - singers - would substitute aria from different opera if they felt it would display their virtuosity more effectively

-Gluck's goal: restore dramatic integrity to opera, (much like Monteverdi did before him: that the music should serve the poetry)


Gluck and Operatic Reform

-restore chorus in opera: make it integral part of dramatic action

-minimize contrast b/t recirative and aria: arioso stye

-make overture organic part of score: use themes that would be heard later in opera

-reject empty display of virtuosity: favor "beautiful simplicity"


What are examples of the Fluck and Operatic Reform?

-Orfeo ed Euridice


-Iphigénie en Aulide

-Iphigénie en Tauride


opera buffa

-Italian comic opera

-sung throughout with no spoken dialogue

-down-to-earth characters, fast-paced plots, farce, sexual innuendo


modified sonata form

-abbreviated sonata form

-exposition and recapitulation, no development

-developed 18th century



-Italian: "trio"

-musical number for three voices (characters)


trouser role

-male character performed by soprano, mezzo-soprano, or contralto

-male castrati roles turned to trouser role in modern performance



-orchestral work preceding opera or oratorio

-frequently sonata form

-in 18th century: quoted themes heard later in opera



-German comic opera

-contains spoken dialogue