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String Quartet background information

-string quartet

-Ludwig van Beethoven

-comp 1826

-7 mvts (w/o break)

-1st violin, 2nd violin, viola, cello


String Quartet essay sections

-First Movement

-Fugal Expostion

-after 4 statements of themes

-exquisite moment

-return original key


String Quartet First Movement

-C# minor

-Adagio ma non troppo e molto espressivo

-cut time

-fugal texture

-four voices


String Quartet Fugal Exposition

-main theme (subject): first violin, tonic key

-subject: 4 measures long, 2 segments, four-note motive (end w/ sforzando), and series of flowing quarter notes

-subject presented by each 4 instr in turn (customary of fugal exposition)

-2nd violin and cello present theme as real answer in F# minor (subdominant rather than expected dominant)

-chromatic notes: harmonic instability, intense and introspective character


String Quartet after 4 statements of the theme

-draws on two basic motives: complex imitative fabric

-bold tonal plan: modulation to distant keys (Eb minor, B major), theme stated by cello (broadly)

-contrapuntal devices: subject in diminution (1st violin), augmentation (cello)


String Quartet exquisite moment

-subject presented by first vilin, A major, dolce, (serenely in upper most register)

-pairing of instr: textural reduction, 1st and 2nd violins, then viola and cello


String Quartet return original key

-return to C# minor

-2nd motive of subject treated in diminution (prepare final statement of theme)

-final statement begin w/ tritone by cello (in augmentation)

-even as music winds down (approach gentle close), sforandi on 4th beat: unsettled effect leading to final C# major chords

-2nd mvt (and all subsequent mvts) played w/o pause