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The Creation background information


-Franz Joseph Haydn

-Die Schöpfung

-German version by Braon Gottfried van Swieten

-book of Genesis, John Milton's epic poem: Paradise Lost

-completed 1798

-3 parts, each w/ multiple mvts

-soprano, tenor, bass soloists, SATB chorus, orchestra (w/ continuo for the recitatives)


The Creation essay sections


-Principal Characters

-No. 12

-No. 13

-No. 14


The Creation Structure

-3 parts:

-Part 1: First four days of Creation

-Part 2: last three days of Creation

-Part 3: Garden of Eden


The Creation Principal Characters

-Gabriel, soprano, archangel

-Uriel, tenor, archangel

-Raphael, bass, archangel

-Adam, bass, first man

-Eve, soprano, first woman


The Creation No. 12 title

"And God said: Let there be light" (Uriel's Recitative)


The Creation No. 12 info

-begins in C major

-C (meter)

-recitativo secco sung by Uriel: sparse accompaniment

-declamatory style: text clarity

-fourth day of Creation: God created earth and the heavens, sun, moon, and stars


The Creation No. 13 title

"In splendor bright" (Uriel's Recitative)


The Creation No. 13 info

-begins in D major


-cut time

-recitativo accompagnato

-orchestral introduction: rising of sun depicted w/ slow ascending D major scale & broad orchestral crescendo

-word painting:

-"In splendor bright": rocket motive in cellos and basses (punctuated by bold orchestral chord)

-"With softer beams": in G major (subdominant key); celloes and basses softly a gentle ascending melody; quiet ascent of the moon

-"The space immense": dotted chords; punctuate music; countless stars in night sky


The Creation No. 14 title

"The Heavens Are Telling the Glory of God" (Chorus and Trio; Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael)


The Creation No. 14 info

-begins in C major


-cut time

-SATB chorus: homorhythmic setting accompanied by orchestra

-short trio: "night" suggested by brief shift to C minor (word painting)

-chorus return to opening melody, now material treated contrapuntally

-trio soloists: "In all the lands" repeated expansively suggest earth's broad domain (word painting)

-final chorus expands: opening melody; alternate b/t homorhythmic and imitative textures