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Define Manifest Destiny

Americans believed it was the will and destiny of the United States to spread its influence across the continent from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. During the first half of the nineteenth century "Manifest Destiny" enabled the United States to grow geographically, socially, economically, technologically, and politically.


Desert heat, mountain blizzards, swarms of insects, diseases, thirst, starvation, fear of attack, and accidental shootings were all problems the pioneers moving west faced in these trains



This event began in 1849 and caused many Americans to move to California to try to get rich quick. It led to the quick growth of San Francisco

Gold Rush


Northerners opposed the Mexican American war because they believed it was simply a war for Southerners to spread this horrible mistreatment of people in the West



The term which means to allow the people to have the power to make decisions on issues that affect them is known as

popular sovereignty


Who did the United States purchased the Louisiana territory from

France's leader Napoleon Bonaparte


Who was sent by Pres. Jefferson to explore the new US lands? Who is there guide?

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, with the help of their Guide Sacajawea


what name was given to the men who bravely explored the front tier lands

mountain men


how did white men think that land should be owned

privately with things such as a farm and house on it


how did Indians believe that land should be owned

collectively-man cannot own nature, but simply share nature


Who was Tecumseh

an Indian who formed confederation against US westward expansion


Who did the United States fight against in the word 1812 who won the war

The US fight against Great Britain, there was no actual winter, but the Americans considered it a win because they didn't lose. After the war, things went back to the way they were


this 1823 doctrine of the United States government officially Warren European countries to stay out of lands of the Western Hemisphere

monroes doctrine


why did southern Americans want Indian lands in Georgia and Alabama and Florida

they wanted the fertile land for growing cotton


why did Americans begin to settle in Louisiana and Texas? Who owns Texas at the time?

freelance to form cotton on. Mexico.


in 1845 the US and Mexico went to war over what

The US tried to annex Texas


The US acquired the Oregon territory as a result of a treaty with what European country

Great Britain


why had Northerners oppose the Mexican-American war

they thought it was a proslavery conspiracy


Who won the Mexican-American war