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Compact mass of uniferous tubule



Numerous radiating dark lines from the outer boundary to the capsule leaving a narrow zone

Cortex cortices


Straight portions of the uniferous tubules

Pars radiata


these cells form a conical mass, the apex of which is continuous with the mesangium of the glomerulus; laterally it is bounded by the afferent and efferent arterioles and its base abuts the macula densa.

Lacis cells/Goormagtigh cells


are flat and elongated with extensive fine cytoplasmic processes extending from their ends and surrounded by a network of mesangial material.

Lacis cells


Has unique features that allow them to maintain the impermeability of the epithelium to urine even when at full stretch. This permeability barrier also prevents water from being drawn through the epithelium into hypertonic urine.

Dome/surface/umbrella cells