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Give three mechanisms of virus pathogenesis

Cell destruction
Changes to cellular gene expression
Immunopathogenic disease (highly resistant to body's immune system)


Describe some features and give an example of an active infection

Highly symptomatic at the start, gradually decreases
Can be localised or widespread (viraemia)
e.g. influenza A


Enterovirus features/example?

Excreted in faeces
e.g aseptic meningitis/pancreatitis


How does a latent virus work and give an example

Infects epithelia
Migrates to ganglia
Remains latent in nuclei
Reactivated by stimuli
Migrates to epithelia where it replicates
e.g. herpes simplex 1/2


What is a retrovirus?

Has RNA instead of DNA
Requires an extra step for infection (reverse transcriptase)


How can a retrovirus induce tumors?

DNA integration
Changes in cellular gene expression
Uncontrolled multiplication
e.g. lymphomas and leukaemias