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Mongol Invasion

Supreme Mongol - Genghis Khan

destroyed everything

Batu Khan decides to take on Russia; only successful invasion of Russia

left Russia alone because of negotiation of Alexander Nevsky


When is the Feast of the Intercession?

Middle of October

it was elevated to a holiday by Andrei Bogolyubsky


Descended from one of the three legendary brothers.

Yury Dolgoruky

from Rurikovich Dynasty

built Cathedral of the Transfiguration


What calendar do we use?

What calendar does the Russian Church still use?

How many days behind is it to hours?

We use the Gregorian Calendar after Pope Gregory

They use the Julian Calendar after Julius Caeser

The Julian Calendar is 14 days behind


Cathedral of Dormition

built by Andrei Bogolyubsky

burned and cracked and rebuilt upon by Prince Vsevolod III, half brother to Andrei Bogolybsky

enclosed the church and made it bigger


When did WWII begin?

September 1, 1939


Son of Yury Dolgoruky

Andrei Bogolyubsky

build Church of the Intercession


Lasting effects of Mongol Invasion

1. established central authority

2. Mongols were happy to coexist with Russian Church

3. Mongols weren't interested in colonizing, only wanted taxes

4. Mongols delegated tax collecting to favorite Russian prince - Moscow


Hitler's Attack on Soviet Union

June 22, 1941


What and when was the first major defeat of Hitler's army?

Battle of Moscow Fall 1941


veil of Mary Mother of God



What did Andrei Bogolyubsky do?

he wasn't interested in ruling Kiev, he liked Vladimirl; so he sent troops to sack Kiev


Cathedral of St. Dmitry

built as personal Church to Prince Vsevolod III

has blind arcades - arched forms on solid wall

lots of carvings

1. on west facade - King David

2. on south facade - epiphany of Christ, King Solomon, Alexander the Great being lifted to heaven