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What painting criticized the traditional faith of the Russian people?

Religious Procession in Kursk


Who were part of the Realist Painters?

Ilya Repin

Vasilii Surikov

Mikhail Nesterov


Who was the leader of the realist painters?

Ilya Repin


What paintings did Ilya Repin paint?(4)

Volaga Boatmen

Religious Procession in Kursk

They did not expect him

Arrest of the Propagandist


What type of painting did Repin focus on?

painting of social criticism


What notion did the Volga Boatmen bring? (2)

What is the dramatic event happening?

What is the irony of the picture?

notion of humans as beast of burden

people are what matters, yet we are opressing them

youth in center throwing off the yoke

the people are going to be out of work soon - steamboat in background


What is the point of the Volga Boatmen painting?

Russian people are still being oopressed and the fact the people are still toiling as direct way of expressing protest


What notion did the Religious Procession in Kursk bring?(2)

What does the policemen on horse show?

What is the special person in the scene?

social commentary - religious observance as part of backwardness of Russia

the people are misled

brute force over the people

boy in crutch in front - jaws forward searching for the Truth


What notion did They did not expect him bring?

What is the scene?

What happened to him?

Was it displayed openly?

painting of protest

woman dressed in black and man with tattered clothes walks in

probably sent to prison in Siberia for terrorism

Yes, the name was vague and can be interpreteed as anything


What is the painting like in They did not expect him?

a box of stage with the 4th wall removed and the people are acting out a scene which is interpreted as protest


What scene did the Arrest of the Propagandist portray?

How do we know who is the propagandist and what is he trying to do?

What does he represent?

intellectuals trying to incite peasants into rebellion - these people were called populists

he is in red and is trying to spread the truth

He is the Christ figure


What is the scene of the Arrest of the Propagandist like?

Who are the two sympathetic people in the painting?

scene with fourth wall removed

the propagandist and the woman


What notion did the Arrest of the Propagandist bring?

What is the connection between the Propagandist and the woman?

the role of young educated women seeking alternative path for Russia

the propagandist and women are soul mates - she understands what he is trying to do; he failed but hope exists in the woman


What is in full force during Russian painting of 19th century?

social criticism


What and where are the Two main Russian Art musuems in Russia and who built one of them?

1. Russian Museum in St. Petersbury

built by Carlo Rossi; was a palace that Alexander III donated

2. Tretyakov Gallery


What painting did Vasilii Surikov paint?

Conquest of Siberia by Yermak


What notion did the Conquest of Siberia by Yermak bring?

the supposition that the Russians can just walk in and

that the west can dominated the east


Who was Yermak?

What was the battle standard?

What steorotype was being played?

What was the prevailing force of the Cossack?

a Cossack hired to defeat the Khan of Siberia


orientalism - Westerners have a distorted view of the east as seductive but dangerous

gun struck fear to the orientals


What fated river started a war between Russia and Japan?

What was the name of the war?

Who won the Nobel Peace prize for doing what regarding this war?

Who won?

Yalu River

Russo Japanese War

Theodore Roosevelt was first American to win Noble Peace prize for negotiating peace between them

Japan mauled Russia


What type of thinking caused the Russo Japanese War?

What did the loss of the war lead to for Russia?

misconception that they could just walk in

the loss led to the first Russian revolution in 1905


What did Mikhail Nesterov paint?

Child Bartholomew's Dream


What was notion that Child Bartholomew's Dream try to bring?

What type of view did it have contrasting what other painting?

What was the painting about?

Russia is a land of inherently good people

sympathetic view of Russian orthodox faith contrasting the Religious Procession in Kursk

the legend of ST. Sergius's religious conversion


What symbol was there in Child Bartholomew's Dream?

What did Bartholomew represent?

birch tree representing Russia

the Russian peopel at their highest


What was the Modernist movement influenced by?

What was that influenced influenced by?

What notion did it bring?

French symbolism

Neo Platonic philosphy

notion of other realms that serve as symbols of higher reality


What is the difference between realist and modernist?

realist is directed towards social criticism while modernist is talking about things that transcends reality


What parable was the main influence on symbolism?

What did it mean?

What is it trying to say about art?

Plato's parable of the cave

the wall is reality, what is beyond the cave is the higher reality, and the shadows on the wall are imitation of the higher reality

art's mission is through symbols to reach and convey the higher reality


What is the new direction of art?

the artist is the priest that takes us to a realm of magic and a realm of higher reality


What does symbolism want to do?

project us to another world


Who was the main person in the symbolist painting?

Mikhail Vrubel


What did Mikhail Vrubel paint?(4)

Hamlet and Ophelia

Demon Seated

Demon Cast Down



What was Mikhail Vrubel known for?

What was he obsessed with?

first to rediscover Medieval Russian art

notion of destruction and self destruction


What notion does Hamlet and Ophelia bring?

love itself harboring death


What did the first Hamlet and Ophelia show?

What did it drop?

mind of troubled people; Hamlet determiineed and oblivious to Ophelia

no perspective, dropping Renaissance; no depth rather the passion is in front of you - the tragic disjunction in front


What did the second Hamlet and Ophelia show?

What did it show Ophelia wanting?

What does these painting show about the painter?

Ophelia dressed in black - warning her own fate; and Hamlet murderously intent on something

she wants to protect him but his will is already elsewhere

the painter's obsession with notion of destruction and self destruction


What did Demon Seated show?

What is he doing?

the demon as a fallen angel

wistfully gazing remembering paradise lost


What does Demon Cast Down show?

What did it represent?

figure of a demon unnaturally twisted

it looks like Christ on cross - good and evil are mirroring eachother


What action does the Muse show and what does it represent?

What was this an expression of?

dagger rise to be plunged - feeling of his guilt

expression of his soul


What was Vrubel first to do?

first to take the step into another universe; used icons as influence


Who were the two painters in teh Avante Garde period?

Mikhail Larionov

his wife - Natalya Goncharova


What where Larionov and Goncharova influenced by?

Neo Primitivism


What two strands came from modernism?

rediscovery of Medieval icon art

discovery of Russian folk art


What was Russian folk art like? (2)

primitive and bold

on luboks


What is a lubok and what is it like?

wood cuts

primitive, crude, brightly colored


What was the purpose of Mikhail Larionov's paintings?

What influence can you see in his painting?

to shock and outrage the public

lubok - crude


What painting did Mikahil Larionov paint?

Soldier in the Wood

Soldier (second version)

Resting Soldier


What was Soldier in the Wood expressing?

What did it have?

joy of color and line

toy like horse


What icon motifs are on Soldier (second version)? (2)

What reference does it have to lubok?

What did it show?

red like icons and 3 people = old testament trinity

speaking in ballons

visceral appeal of color



What does Soldier(second version) have a lot of?

What type of art is it?

What is it trying to convey?


ontological art instead of epistmological

magic, belief, and faith conveyed through art


What is epistemology?

study of way of knowing


What type of things is Resting Soldier conveying?

What is he doing?


gender reversal and stereotype and art symbolism

odalisque pose



What symbol does Resting Soldier have?

What does it represent?

What is this painting about?

Venus of Willendorf - object to protect women to coneive child without dying

it was created for majic, so this is showing what art must mean - art projecting us to higher reality

this is a painting about itself, the power of art


What was a important change during the Avante Garde art?

the most important artists during the time were women - role of women as fully equal partners


Who was Mikhail Larionov's wife?

What does she focus on?

What does she draw on?

Natalya Goncharova

goes more directly into religious motif

medieval art and folk art to convey art as spirituality


What paintings did Goncharova do?

Four Evangelist

Icon Motifs


Where does it seem the Four Evangelist would be?

Why is this wrong?

How does she contrast her husband?

taken out of deesis but this is not where four evangelist would be - she does it on her own

husband did vibrant nudes and joyous obscene scenes while she goes to origin of faith in different sense


What is both Goncharova and Larionov grounded on?

visceral effect of color and line


What is Icon Motifs by Goncharova like?

What is on the center?

What type of representation was it?

What is on top and what is on bottom?

like a royal gate

left is nativity, right is resurrection - life then triumph over death

primititive representation

top - three wise men, bottom - four seasons


What does icon motifs emerge?

emerging of spiritual element and comsic elements