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What happens in Skiers thumb?

The normal sesamoid bone gets pushed up from the first metacarpal to the first proximal phalanges. This causes soft tissue swelling. Can be seen in X-Ray.


What two bones articulate with the radius?

Scaphoid & Lunate


What is the most frequently fractured bone in the wrist?

Scaphoid - usually fractures when people fall


What are all the bones in a finger?

A finger branches from a metacarpal into the proximal phalanx, then to the middle phalanx and finally to the distal phalanx.


What symptoms occur with carpal tunnel?

The palm of the hand has normal feeling but the digits have problems.


What nerve supplies the palm?

The palmar branch of the median nerve supplies the palm.


What is Dupuytren contracture?

It is a shortening, thickening, and fibrosis of the palmar fascia and aponeurosis.


What is the ulnar canal syndrome (guyon tunnel syndrome)?

It's hypoesthesia (reduced sense of touch or sensation - partial loss of sensitivity to sensory stimuli) of the medial one and one-half fingers and weakness of intrinsic hand muscles


What is the function and where does it terminate: Flexor pollicis longus?

Flexes the thumb, terminates at the base of the distal phalanx of the thumb


What is the function and where does it terminate: flexor digitorum superficialis?

It flexes the fingers & It extends and splits over the body of the phalanx and inserts into the base of the middle phalanx.


Where do the tendons of the flexor digitorum profundus terminate?

They pass through the split in the tendons of the flexor digitorum superficialis and continue distally to insert into the base of the distal phalanx.


What does the flexor digitorum profundus do?

It flexes the DIP joints.


What is the function of palmar interossi?

PADS - palmar interossi adduct


What do the dorsal interossi do?

DAB - Dorsal interossi abduct


What does the median nerve supply in the hand?

Palm of the hand, palmar (volar) surface of three and one-half fingers, dorsal side of distal phalanx of these digits


What does the ulnar nerve supply in the hand?

Hypothenar eminence, the medial side of the ring finger and all of the little finger


Where is the adductor pollicis and what innervates it?

It's from the middle fingers to the thumb and it's innervated by the ulnar nerve.


What palm bone is most commonly dislocated?



What muscles become weakened in carpal tunnel syndrome?

Thenar muscles


If the ulnar nerve and artery is cut, what will likely happen?

Decrased ability to extend the interphalangeal joints


What carpal bones are often fractured in Colles' fractures?

Lunate and scaphoid


What condition shows weakness in thenar muscles and impaired sensation in the hand involving palmar surface of thumb and 2.5 fingers. The person may have difficulty buttoning her shirt or using hand tools.

Carpal tunnel syndrome


What are the most likely sites of infection in deep finger cuts?

Bursa and sheaths


What bone lies in the floor of the anatomical snuff box?



What nerve controls the flexation of the index finger DIP?

Anterior interosseous branch of the median nerve


What muscles are responsible for fine movement os the 2nd and 3rd digits?

First and second lumbricals

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