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What is the weight bearing leg bone?



What is the role of the fibula?

Attachment site for muscles & aids in stability of ankle joint


What is a function of all the posterior compartment muscles? (what do they do to the foot?)

Plantarflex the foot at the ankle.


What is the name of the Achilles' tendon?

Calcaneal tendon - attached to the gastrocnemius


Where does the gastrocnemius originate and insert?

It originates on the lateral and medial condyls of the femur and inserts on the posterior surface of the calcaneus (via calcaneal tendon)


What innervates the gastrocnemius?

Tibial nerve!


What is the function of the gastrocnemius?

strong plantarflexor but it also flexes the knee


What is tennis leg?

Rupture of medial head of gastrocnemius caused by a sudden/abrupt change of direction - tears the calf muscle


What is the calcaneal tendon reflex?

Ankle jerk! Tests S1 and S2 nerve roots. It causes plantarflexion of the ankle joint. If S1 is compressed, the reflex is absent


Where does the soleus originate?

Along soleal line of tibia & fibula & interosseous membrane


What is the function of the soleus?

It performs most of the plantarflexion work! -inserts into the calcaneal tendon


Where does the plantaris originate?

Lateral condyle of the femur - it sometimes inserts into the calcaneal tendon


Where does the popliteus insert and originate?

Originates: tibia, above origin of soleus muscle
Inserts: Lateral femoral condyle (goes between lateral meniscus & fibular collateral ligament)


What is the popliteus' function?

It flexes & unlocks the knee


Flexor digitorum longus - where does it insert & what does it do?

Inserts on base of distal phalanges of lateral four digits
-Plantarflexes ankle joint & flexes lateral 4 digits


Tibialis Posterior - where does it insert and what does it do?

It inserts into tarsal bones and the base of the metatarsals. It runs along the interosseus membrane.
It plantarflexes the ankle joint & inverts the foot


Where does the flexor hallicus longus insert and what does it do?

It inserts onto the distal phalanx of the great toe.
It flexes the big toe.


Where does the tibial nerve travel? What does it become in the foot?

Enters post. compartment between heads of gastrocnemius and passes through hiatus in soleus to gain access to deep muscles
Medial and lateral plantar nerves


What would happen if the tibial nerve was injured?

Deep laceration or posterior dislocation of knee (serious injury) needed to injure it.
Uncommon but it would cause paralysis of posterior compartment of leg and intrinsic muscles of sole of the foot


What is the fibular artery?

A branch of posterior tibial artery that supplies the lateral compartment


What is the position of tendons under the flexor retinaculum of the foot?

Tom, Dick and now Harry
Tibialis Posterior, Flexor Digitorum Longus, Posterior Tibial Artery, Tibial Nerve, Flexor Hallicus Longus
-listed anterior to posterior


What innervates the posterior compartment of the leg?

Tibial nerve


What are the functions of the posterior compartment of the leg?

Flex toes, plantarflexion of ankle, flex knee


What is the blood supply to the posterior leg compartment?

Fibular artery
Posterior tibial artery

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