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What are the functions of carbohydrates?

-keep muscles full of fuel
-provide 40-50% of athlete energy requirement
-they yield more energy per unit of oxygen consumed than fats


What is the primary energy source in Carbohydrates?



What are the functions of proteins?

-for muscle growth and repair
-supplies 5% of fuel when glycogen stores are high, 10% when low


What are the functions of fats?

-essential for proper functioning of the body
-serves as storage for body's extra calories
-maintains healthy skin and hair


4 ways that an improper pre-event/pre-competition meal can impact an athlete?

-low blood sugar


5 R's for recovery for an athlete?

Rest- need rest to get most out of training
Rehydrate- "pale (pee) and plentiful" is the goal
Replace carbs- you've used for energy
Repair protein- to help repair and aid muscles and tissue damages
Rejuvenate- protect cells from damage (leads to better recovery)


What is eustress?

Positive stress that presents opportunity for personal growth and satisfaction.


Examples of eustress?

-getting married
-starting school
-learning something new


What is distress?

Negative stress


Examples of distress?

-financial problems
-death of a loved one
-trouble at work/school


What are the 4 steps people need to use to manage stress?

1) Recognize causes and be aware of symptoms
2) Use some type of relaxation to relieve symptoms
3) Practice solutions to avoid stressors and for controlling your lifestyle.
4) Be as active and healthy as possible (exercise, meditate, laugh, stretch)


Describe the proper technique for Archery as if you were teaching someone else.

1) Proper stance (feet shoulder width, knees slightly bent)
2) Nock the arrow, different feather facing out
3) draw (arms straight, index and middle only, aim from chin)
4) Release and don't move until arrow hits something.


Safety rules of Archery?

-don't point arrow at anyone, just target
-don't shoot arrow straight up
-don't collect arrows until everyone is done


What makes up muscles?

**75% water
20% protein
5% other