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What to look for: chef's knife

- High-carbon stainless steel knife
- Thin, curved 8-inch blade
- Lightweight
- Comfortable grip and nonslip handle.


What to look for: paring knife

- 3 to 3-1/2 inch blade
- Thin, slightly curved blade with pointed tip
- Comfortable grip


What to look for: serrated knife

- 10 to 12-inch blade.
- Long, somewhat flexible, slightly curved blade.
- Pointed serrations that are uniformly spaced and moderately sized.


What to look for: slicing knife

- Tapered 12-inch blade for slicing large cuts of meat.
- Oval scallops (called grantor edge) carved into blade.
- Fairly rigid glad with round tip.


What to look for: cutting board

- Roomy work surface at least 15 by 20 inches.
- Teak board for minimal maintenance.
- Durable edge-grain construction (wood grain runs parallel to surface of board)


What to look for: knife sharpener

- Diamond sharpening material for electric sharpeners.
- Easy to use and comfortable.
- Clear instructions.


What to look for: traditional skillets

- Stainless steel interior, fully clad for even heat distribution.
- 12-inch diameter and flared sides.
- Comfortable, oven safe handle.
- Cooking surface of at least 9 inches.
- Good to have smaller (8 or 9-inch) skillets too.


What to look for: nonstick skillets

- Dark, nonstick surface.
- 12 or 12 1/2-inch diameter, thick bottom.
- Comfortable, oven safe handle.
- Cooking surface of at least 9 inches.
- Good to have smaller (8 or 10-inch) skillets too.


What to look for: Dutch oven

- Enameled cast iron or stainless steel
- Capacity of at least 6 quarts.
- Diameter of at least 9 inches.
- Tight-fitting lid.
- Wide, sturdy handles.


What to look for: saucepans

- Large saucepan with 3 to 4-quart capacity and small nonstick saucepan with 2 to 2 1/2-quart capacity.
- Tight-fitting lids.
- Pans with rounded corners that a whisk can reach into.
- Long, comfortable handles that are angled for even weight distribution.


What to look for: rimmed baking sheets

- Light-colored surface (heats and browns evenly).
- Thick, sturdy pan.
- Dimension of 18 by 13 inches.
- Good to have at least two.


What to look for: roasting pan

- At least 15 by 11 inches.
- Stainless steel interior with aluminum core for even heat distribution.
- Upright handles for easy gripping.
- Light interior for better food monitoring.
- Fixed V-rack with tall handles.


What to look for: tongs

- Scalloped edges
- Slightly concave pincers
- 12 inches in length (to keep your hand for from heat)
- Open and close easily.


What to look for: wooden spoon

- Slim yet broad bowl
- Stain-resistant bamboo
- Comfortable handle


What to look for: slotted spoon

- Deep bowl
- Long handle
- Enough holes for quick draining


What to look for: all-around spatulas

- head about 3-inches wide and 5 1/2 inches long.
- 11 inches in length (tip to handle).
- Long, vertical slots.
- Useful to have a metal spatula to use with traditional cookware and a plastic spatula for non-stick cookware.


What to look for: rubber spatula

- Wide, stiff blade with edges that's flexible enough to conform a curve of a mixing bowl.
- Heatproof


What to look for: all-purpose whisk

- At least 10 wires
- Wires of moderate thickness
- Comfortable handle
- Balanced, lightweight feel.


What to look for: garlic press

- Large capacity that holds multiple garlic cloves
- Curved plastic handles
- Long and short distance between pivot point and plunger


What to look for: pepper mill

- At least 1/2-cup capacity
- Wide, unobstructed filler doors
- Easy to adjust grind settings


What to look for: can opener

- Intuitive and easy to attach
- Smooth turning motions
- Magnet for no-touchlid disposal
- Comfortable handle


What to look for: vegetable peeler

- Sharp, carbon steel blade
- 1-inch space between blade and peeler to prevent jamming
- Lightweight and comfortable


What to look for: grater

- Paddle-style grater
- Sharp, extra-large holes and generous grating plane
- Rubber-lined feet for stability
- Comfortable handle


What to look for: rasp grater

- Sharp teeth (require little pressure or effort when grating)
- Maneuverable over round or irregular shapes
- Comfortable handle


What to look for: rolling pin

- Moderate weight (1 to 1 1/2 pounds)
- 19-inch straight barrel
- Slightly textured wooden surface to grip dough for easy rolling


What to look for: oven mitt

- Form fitting and not overly bulky for easy maneuvering
- Machine washable
- Flexible, heat-resistant material


What to look for: ladle

- Stainless steel
- Handle 9 to 10 inches in length
- Hooked handle end for hanging on pot
- Pouring rim to prevent dripping


What to look for: colander

- 4 to 7-quart capacity
- Metal ring attached to bottom for stability
- Many holes for quick draining
- Small holes so pasta doesn't slip through


What to look for: fine-mesh strainer

- At least 6 inches in diameter (measured from inside edge to inside edge)
- Sturdy construction


What to look for: potato masher

- Solid mashing disk with small holes
- Comfortable grip


What to look for: salad spinner

- Solid bottom for washing greens in bowl
- Ergonomic and easy-to-operate hand pump


What to look for: dry measuring cups

- Stainless steel cups (hefty and durable)
- Measurement markings that are visible even when cup is full.
- Evenly weighted and stable
- Long handle that are level with rim of cup


What to look for: liquid measuring cups

- Crisp, unambiguous markings that include 1/4 and 1/3-cup measurements.
- Heatproof, sturdy cup with handle
- Good to have in a variety of sizes (1, 2, and 4 cups)


What to look for: measuring spoons

- Long, comfortable handles
- Rim of bowl flush with handle for easy "sweeping" off of excess ingredients
- Slim design


What to look for: digital scale

- Easy to read display not blocked by weighted platform.
- At least 7-pound capacity.
- Accesible buttons
- Gram to ounce conversion feature
- Roomy platform


What to look for: instant-read thermometer

- Digital model with automatic shut-off
- Quick response reading in 10 seconds or less
- Wide temperature range (40 to 450 degrees)
- Long stem that can reach interior or large cuts of meat.
- Water-resistant


What to look for: oven thermometer

- Clearly marked numbers for easy readability.
- Hook for hanging or stable base
- Large temperature range (up to 600 degrees)


What to look for: kitchen timer

- Lengthy time range (1 second to at least 10 hours)
- Ability to count up after alarm goes off
- Easy to use and read


What to look for: glass baking dish

- Dimensions of 13 by 9 inches
- Large enough to hold casseroles and large crisps and cobblers
- Handles


What to look for: metal baking pan

- Dimensions of 13 by 9 inches
- Straight sides
- Nonstick coating for even browning and easy release of cakes and bar cookies
- Handles


What to look for: square baking pans

- Straight sides
- Light gold or dark nonstick surface for even browning and easy release of cakes
- Good to have both 9-inch and 8-inch square pans


What to look for: round cakes pans

- Straight sides
- Nonstick coating for even browning and easy release of cakes
- Recommend a set of 9-inch and 8-inch pans


What to look for: pie plates

- Glass for even browning and easier monitoring
- 1/2-inch rim (makes it easy to shape decorative crusts)
- Shallow angled sides prevent crusts from slumping
- Good to have two


What to look for: loaf pans

- Light gold or dark nonstick surface for even browning and easy release
- Good to have both 8 1/2 by 4 1/2-inch and 9 by 5-inch pans


What to look for: muffin tin

- Nonstick surface for even browning and easy release
- Wide, extended rims and raised lip for easy handling.
- Cup capacity of 1/2 cup


What to look for: cooling rack

- Grid-style rack with tightly woven, heavy-gauge bars
- Should fit inside standard 18 by 13-inch rimmed baking sheet
- Dishwasher-safe


What to look for: food processor

- 14-cup capacity
- Sharp and sturdy blades
- Wide feet tube
- Should come with basic blades and disks: steel blade, dough blade, shredding/slicing disk


What to look for: hand-held mixer

- Lightweight model
- Slim wire beaters without central post
- Digital display
- Separate ejector bottons (not part of speed dial)
- Variety of speeds


What to look for: blender

- Large blades that reach close to the edge and bottom of the jar
- Powerful motor (at least 700 watts)
- Automatic shut-off to keep motor from overheating
- Clear jar to monitor progress


What to look for: parchment paper

- Sturdy paper for heavy doughs
- Easy release of baked goods
- At least 14 inches wide


What to look for: gas grill

- Large grilling area (at least 350 square inches)
- Built in thermometer
- Two burners for varying heat levels (three are even better)
- Attached table
- Fat drainage system


What to look for: charcoal grill

- Large grilling area
- Deep grill cover to fit large food items (such as turkey)
- Hinged grill grate to tend fire
- Ash catcher for easier cleanup


What to look for: chimney starter

- 6-quart capacity
- Holes in canister so air can circulate around coals
- Sturdy construction
- Heat-resistant handle
- Dual handle for easy control


What to look for: grill tongs

- 16 inches in length
- Scalloped, not sharp and serrated, edges.
- Open and close easily
- Lightweight
- Moderate amount of springy tension


What to look for: grill brush

- Long handle (about 14 inches)
- Large woven-mesh detachable stainless steel scrubbing pad