advanced embalming

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Embalming Glossary
Nine region plan by means of four...,
Upper row right of the nine regio...,
Upper row middle of the nine regi...
916  cards
Exam 2 Lecture Notes - Identification
Antemortem discolorations which o...,
Antemortem or postmortem discolor...,
141  cards
Exam 2 Vocab
Antemortem injures resulting from...,
A localized accumulation of pus,
A specific group of diseases or c...
134  cards
Discolorations(Exam 2)
Only those which normally are rem...,
A discoloration which appears on ...,
A discoloration which makes its a...
244  cards
Vascular Difficulties (Exam 2)
The femoral artery is most likely...,
The use of these would be the pri...,
The inner wall of the artery is h...
100  cards
Body Fluid Accumulation, Deformities and Malformations, Radiation (Exam 2)
The abnormal collection of fluid ...,
The embalmer can identify edema i...,
Severe edema within the body tissues
35  cards
Preparation of the Infant, Treatment of Body to be shipped, Preparation of the Obese, Contagious and Infectious Diseases (Exam 2)
It is suggested that the embalmer...,
When preparing an infant body des...,
An infant may be autopsied what a...
65  cards
Must Know Information - Vocab
Antemortem injuries resulting fro...,
The process of taking in as in a ...,
Group of chemicals used in additi...
189  cards
Exam 3 Vocab
The process of taking in as in a ...,
Group of chemicals used in additi...,
Dyes which aid in restoring a lif...
94  cards
Glossary of Compounds
Mixture of alkylbenzyldimethyl am...,
A very mild antiseptic added to e...,
A red dye from the action of brom...
20  cards
Exam 3
Osha requires that the deceased s...,
Have proper hazard protection ava...,
This should be poured on hcho spills
328  cards
Exam 3 Identification
Inorganic salts of zn and al
75  cards
Must Know Information
What are the signs of distribution,
What are the signs of diffusion,
Ph stands for
30  cards
Exam 4 Notes
Chemically when embalming solutio...,
The formation of new chemical bon...,
Firmness is accomplished by takin...
226  cards
Exam 4 Vocab
Group of chemicals used in additi...,
Dyes which aid in restoring a lif...,
Soft whitish crumbly or greasy ma...
78  cards
Must Know Information - 9 Region Plan
Cardiac and pyloric orifices,
Fondus of the stomach
14  cards
Exam 5
What do high temperatures over 10...,
What do high temperatures over 10...,
Storing fluids in extreme cold le...
233  cards
Exam 5 Vocab
Substances bringing about the bre...,
This is the cause of hcho breakdown,
The formation of a suspension of ...
76  cards
Exam 5 Chemicals
5 examples of glutaraldehyde,
5 examples of phenols,
18  cards
The occupational safety and healt...,
Osha requires employers to furnis...,
In general who does the act exten...
38  cards
Chemicals used in Funeral Profession
A narcotic in high concentrations...,
This material belongs to the chem...,
Formerly known as red dye 2 this ...
47  cards
29  cards
Exam 6 Vocab
These levels are extablished to e...,
To disperse as an aerosol minute ...,
An abnormally excessive amount of...
90  cards
Chemicals Used In Funeral Profession - Found In
Acetone dimethyl ketone,
Alkyl dimethylbenzyl ammonium chl...,
47  cards

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