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Chapter 11 - The Muscular System Notes
Muscles produce what
104  cards
Chapter 11 - The Muscular System Visuals
Head and neck anterior and posterior,
Chest posterior,
Chest and arm anterior
7  cards
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology Notes
Biology is,
One of the goals of biology,
All living things have certain co...
88  cards
Chapter 2 - The Chemical Level of Organization Notes
Chemistry is,
Matter is,
108  cards
Chapter 4 - The Tissue Level of Organization Notes
How many types of cells are in te...,
What is the study of tissues,
How many types of tissues in body
100  cards
Chapter 5 - The Integumentary System Notes
The integumentary system consists of,
Function of skin,
Skin is the
64  cards
Chapter 6 - Osseous Tissue and Skeletal Structure Notes
The skeletal system includes,
Function of the skeletal system,
Categories of bones shapes
105  cards
Chapter 7 - Axial Skeleton Notes
Bones have processes smooth surfa...,
If a bone possesses a ________ or...,
If a bone has a smooth articular ...
84  cards
Chapter 9 - Articulations Notes
Joints are named,
Joints are classified by,
_____consist of two bones that ar...
42  cards
Chapter 10 - Muscle Tissue Notes
Muscle tissue is unique because i...,
How many types of muscle tissue i...,
What are types of muscle tissue
109  cards
Chapter 12 - Neural Tissue Level Of Organization Notes
Nervous system is,
The nervous system controls and c...,
The ns includes
118  cards
Chapter 13 - The Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves Notes
Length of adult spinal cord,
Width of adult spinal cord,
Median sulcus
73  cards
Chapter 13 - The Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves Visuals
3  cards
Chapter 14 - The Brain
The human brain contains approx x...,
Typical brain weighs,
List of the major regions of the ...
133  cards
Chapter 3 - The Cellular Level of Organization Notes
Cytology is,
In human body how many classes of...,
Sex cells are also called
95  cards
Chapter 8 - The Appendicular Skeleton Notes
Included in the appendicular skel...,
Each upper limb articulates with ...,
Pectoral girdle consists of
68  cards
Chapter 15 - Integrative Functions Notes
Where do the sensory pathways aff...,
The _______ pathways are the ____...,
What are the pathways carried on
60  cards
Chapter 16 - The Autonomic Nervous System Notes
Function of ans,
Ans is a _____ system
38  cards
Chapter 17 - Sensory Function Notes
How we perceive and respond to ou...,
For the body to perceive a sensation,
Structures that receive transmit ...
147  cards
Chapter 18 - Endocrine System Notes
The endocrine system is the _____...,
_____ are chemical messengers,
Hormones are released in one tiss...
161  cards
Chapter 19 - Blood Notes
Blood is a ______ type of connect...,
What are functions of blood,
Blood is a fluid connective tissu...
132  cards
Chapter 20 - Cardiovascular System - Heart Notes
Adult heart is the shape of a,
Average size of adult heart,
Blunt rounded point of the cone
199  cards
Chapter 21 - Peripheral Circulation and Regulation
Arterial tissues are,
Vessels are classified as,
Blood travels from the ______ to ...
257  cards
Chapter 22 - Lymphatic System
The lymphatic system is comprised of,
The network of the lymphatic syst...,
Lymph nodes are what shape
223  cards
Chapter 23 - Respiratory System
All living cells of the body requ...,
Functions of resp system,
Act of respiration involves
148  cards
Chapter 24 - Digestive System
What are other names of the diges...,
Organs of dig system are collecti...,
What are the accessory organs
260  cards
Chapter 25 - Metabolism
__________ refers to all the chem...,
What is used in metabolism,
__________ is the break down of o...
124  cards
Chapter 26 - Urinary
Functions of urinary system,
What happens when water is retained,
What increases acidity
105  cards
Chapter 27 - Reproductive
Biological perspective purpose of...,
Somatic cells have how many chrom...,
What are gametes
94  cards
___________ is the study of inter...,
___________ is the study of how l...,
All specific functions are perfor...
1470  cards

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