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Costley Module 1
What are the 6 essential features...,
What factors influence developmen...,
What is a reservoir
41  cards
Costley Module 2
When putting on ppe goes on first...,
Mask filtration is measured in,
Standard masks block sized partic...
25  cards
Costley Module 3
3 objectives for infection control,
3 methods of pre cleaning instrum...,
Advantages of ultrasonic bath for...
39  cards
Costley Module 4
What are the 4pt chair positions,
Pts with certain cardiovascular r...,
In supine position the brain is i...
21  cards
Costley Module 5
Hippa stands for,
Hippa comprises three key sets of...,
Privacy refers to a persons right...
70  cards
Costley Module 6
Bidigital mean,
Bimanual means,
Bilateral means
37  cards
Costley Module 7
The clinical crown is the part of...,
The clinical root is the part to ...,
The anatomical crown is
83  cards
Costley Module 8
Basic setup includes,
3 parts of a dental mirror,
3 types of mirror surfaces
32  cards
Costley Module 11 ch 17
69  cards
Costley Module 12 ch 38
Examination instruments include,
Treatment instruments include,
The design name of an instrument ...
85  cards
Costley Module 10 ch 16
The stages of development of ging...,
Natural defense mechanisms respon...,
The initial lesion occurs within ...
63  cards
Costley Module 9 ch 22
An individual assessment score ca...,
An example of an individual asses...,
A clinical trial compares an ____...
93  cards
Costley Module 13 ch 27
The composition of a tooth brush ...,
What are tufts,
The length of tufts may be _____ ...
61  cards
Costley Module 14 ch 28
Describe a type 1 embrasure,
Describe a type 2 embrasure,
Describe a type 3 embrasure
39  cards
Costley Module 15 ch 19
The acquired pellicle is a ____ m...,
The thickness of pellicle ranges ...,
Acquired pellicle begins to form ...
63  cards
Costley Module 16 ch 20
What are the 2 most frequent surf...,
What are some other names for sup...,
What are some other names for sub...
36  cards
Module 17 ch. 29
Oral inflammation has been linked...,
Increased _____ associated with d...,
What are the 3 benefits of using ...
43  cards
Module 18 ch. 35
Brown stain was called _______ en...,
Who pinpointed fluorine as the sp...,
What is the optimum level of fluo...
37  cards
Module 19 ch. 36
A sealant is an _____ resin that ...,
The acid etch produces _____ in t...,
What are the 3 available types of...
26  cards
Module 20 ch. 21/44
Discolorations of teeth happen in...,
Extrinsic stain occur on the ____...,
Intrinsic stains occur ______ sub...
50  cards
Module 21 ch. 23
What is used to formulate the den...,
Assessment includes gathering of ...,
If a patient has a significant co...
42  cards
Module 22 ch 24/46/47
What are the 3 parts of a care plan,
The written care plan is predicat...,
A written dental hygiene care o p...
20  cards
Module 23 ch 25
What are the 6 steps in the preve...,
Learning is more effective when a...,
____ is essential for learning
34  cards
Module 25 ch 4 start on pg 50
Hepatitis c is spread by which route,
The incubation period for hep c is,
You are communicable starting at ...
44  cards
Module 24 ch 26
There is a constant process of __...,
The basic caries process starts with,
The acidogenic bacteria metaboliz...
26  cards
Module 26 ch 1-3
The dental hygiene proces of care...,
The dental hygiene process of car...,
What is the first component of th...
27  cards

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